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Wed Jan 15, 2014 10pm - midnight 
Richard YoungsAnother Zonal Air
Regions Of The Old School / M.I.E.
KöhnSide A (Drones And Pulses / A Secret Show)
A Forest Of Drones And Pulses / Sicsic Tapes

Bee MaskScanops
Vaporware / Scanops / Room 40
Derek RogersSilverlake Cove
Open Windows / Hobo Cult
Looping Around The Forest I Thought I Remembered / Constellation Tatsu

Lubomyr MelnykCloud Passade No. 3
Three Solo Pieces / Unseen Worlds
Phillips, Simon JamesPoul
Chair / Room 40
Antti TolviPart 1
Pianoketo / Fonal Records

The NecksOpen
Open / Northern Spy