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Wed Jun 11, 2003 5pm - 9pm 
Saul WilliamsThe Pledge
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
Dj SpookyInterlude: Journey Into Soun
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
AdbustersGross Domestic Product
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
Ani DifrancoComing Up
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
Baghdad LiveMuslim Chant
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
TinoBasic Beat
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
Dj Spooky Vs. Dj GooThat Subliminal Kid and ....
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
NegativlandWhy Is this Commercial?
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
Dj SpookyInterlude
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
ColdcutRe:Volution(Feat. G.W. Bush)
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
th (International) Noise ConsThe First Conspiracy
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
the Fire this TimeReluctant Warrior
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
Asian Duc FoundationRivers of Dub
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
Dj SpookyDubtometry Interlude
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
EbnState Extension
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
Intrinsic Sky Sound SystemVajra Kilaya Mix
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
Ooh Ooh AhhMissionaryOoh Ooh Ahh / Arf Arf Records
NegativlandAn Actual Attack
Ikebana: Merzbow's Aml / Important Records
David CrossSex on the InternetShut Up You Fucking Baby! / Sub Pop
Neil HamburgerSeven ElevensLaugh out Lord / Drag City
Culturcidehamburger (?)Year One / ?
Led Zeppelinthe ocean completely hashed outhouses of the wholly / atlantic
Carey's ProblemLed ZeppelinArena of Shame / Problemsongs
Saint of KillersJaw of Traitor Pt. 2
Saint of Killers / Edgetone Records
Neon HunkHampetermaster
Smarmy Mob / Load Records
Neon HunkNibblemaker
Smarmy Mob / Load Records
Neon HunkMy Unicorn: My Ride
Smarmy Mob / Load Records
Robot Vs. RabbitThe Master's on His Way
Trading the Witch for the Devi / Mandragora Records
Massimo9Hello Dirty / Mego Records
Laddio BolockoGoat Lips
Life and Times of Laddio B, th / No Quarter
Scratch AcidEyeballJust Keep Eating / Rabid Cat
Ray StevensGuitarzan40 Funky Hits / Longinnes Symphonette Society
Bebe and SergeSurfin' in Space
Spaced Out Supernovasuperstar / Bloat Records
Dance Disaster MovementErehwonmorferaew
We Are From Nowhere / Dim Mak
NumbersAt the Mall
Ee-Uh! / Troubleman Unlimited
MagasHard to Detect
Friends Forever / Ersatz Audio
Glass CandyThe Last Time
Love Love Love / Troubleman Unlimited
A Big One / Narnack Records
the ApesLights Out Drop Out
Street Warz / Planaria Recordings
Deep PurpleHighway StarMachine Head / Warner Bros.
Illgotten GainzThe Works
Shadows Rise / Burnt Ramen Records
Illgotten GainzMore Cash More Speed
Shadows Rise / Burnt Ramen Records
Wanted ManMonarchs
Bulb Singles #1 / Bulb Records
Ramona the Pest15 Yeah
Contrary Sanctuary / Pestilent Records
the Loveletter Band1Even the Pretty Girls Take Med / 555 Recordings (Az)
SomsaraRebound Girl
Here Be Dragons / None
ShesusB Side Radio
Loves You...Loves You not / Narnack Records
Sahara HotnightsKeep Up the Speed
Keep Up the Speed / Jetset
the LollsCome onUntitled / Extra Small Records
The TeenagersThe Teenagers (Theme Song)Decoy X / Radio Trash
the Black KeysThickfreakness
Thickfreakness / Fat Possum Records
Mlinski KamenStvoreno Za Nju
2 Bombardiranje New Yo / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Log, Bob IiiLog Bomb
Log Bomb / Fat Possum Records
Mc HonkeyThe Object
I Am the Messiah / Spinart
the Evolution Control CommittSex Re-Education
Plagiarythm Nation / Seeland Records
the MuffsSaying GoodbyeMuffs, the / Warner Brothers (Modern)
Charles Brown SuperstarSlut Rock7" / none
Zero Tolerance Task ForceI Think I Love Me
Punk Rockery / Purple Hero Distributors
Jad Fair and Jason WilletMovies
Superfine / Public Eyesore
Robot Vs. RabbitNot ShinyTryptaphonic Mind Expl / Mandragora Records
Lloyd PriceStagger Lee40 funky hits / Longines Symphonette Society
Shonen KnifeOne Day of the FactorySub Pop 100 / Sub Pop
NoiseshaperMovin' Together
Dorfmeister, Richard / Different Drummer Ltd