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Mon Jun 02, 2003 noon - 3pm 
NasCleanGet Down / Columbia Records (Hiphop)
Vast AireTippin Dominos RmxBedford Files, the / Embedded Music
Brother AliStar QualityShadows on the Sun / Rhymesayers Ent
El-PDeadlightUrban Renewal Program / Chocolate Industries
Heat SensorTectonicSoundink Colapsus / Soundink
Mc HonkeySonnet No. 3 (Like a Duck
I Am the Messiah / Spinart
New FleshBoundCommunicate / Big Dada
ali-gchurchali-g's first video / <?>
Cat FiveAmerican Military OperationsAmerican Military Operations / <No Label Info>
John WieseUntitled (Batman) 19454Wiese,John and Jetstre / No Label
Dead PrezAcapHip Hop / Loud Records
Dj SpookyTakemitsu
Ikebana: Merzbow's Aml / Important Records
Mr. DibbsDelta Bound
30TH Song, the / Rhymesayers Ent
the Evolution Control CommittStar Spangled Bologna
Plagiarythm Nation / Seeland Records
Stoerok & Dj BLAKE9FlumeFlume / Irish Carbomb Music
virtual jerkufobiaplug and play / rolax record
PoleBack Home45/45 / Mute Records
Mouse on MarsHi Court Low Cut
Glam / Thrill Jockey Records
KuLicky Olfadertrack 2luckyDice / Quaketrap
Planet Lupo / C & P Manic Music
Her Space HolidayHome is where you hang yourselfHome is where you hang yourself / tiger style
Blonde RedheadWaterFake Can Be Just as Good / Touch and Go
the Loveletter Bandtrack 1Even the Pretty Girls Take Med / 555 Recordings (Az)
PixiesLetter to MemphisAlec Eiffel / 4 AD
Sterling<No Name>
Sterling / File 13
AntelopeGogglesAntelope / Dischord
Neon HunkChowsis
Smarmy Mob / Load Records
Sahara HotnightsBreakdown
Keep Up the Speed / Jetset
ShesusLetter S
Loves You...Loves You not / Narnack Records
A Big One / Narnack Records
Glass CandyBrittle Women
Love Love Love / Troubleman Unlimited
Adult.Blank Eyes, Nose Bleed
Anxiety Always / Ersatz Audio
Manu ChauLa PrimaveraNew Latin Xpress / Shakti
Manu ChaoMe Gustas TuEsperanza / Virgin Records (Reggae)
Cat Power(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionThe Covers Record / Matador
Pas/GalOh GoshA Tribute to Donovan / Darla Records
Dirty ThreeSister Let Them Try and FollShe Has no Strings Apollo / Touch and Go
Califoneyour golden assquicksand/cradlesnakes / thrill jockey
Fruit BatsUnion Blanket
Mouthfuls / Sub Pop Records
My Morning JacketThey RanLittle Darla Vol 11 / Darla Records
Greg BrownBilly From the HillsSlant 6 Mind / Red House Records