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Fri Apr 05, 2013 6am - 9am 
Davis, Miles QuintetParaphernalia
Live In Europe 1969 / Columbia Legacy
Davis, Miles QuintetNefertiti
Live In Europe 1969 / Columbia Legacy

Melton MustafaThe Traveling Man
Traveling Man, The / Zaki Publishing, Inc
Jaleel ShawI Wish I Didn't Know
Soundtrack Of Things To Come, The / Changu

Eckemoff, Yelena TrioMelting Ice
Glass Song / Self Release
Eckemoff, Yelena TrioGlass Song
Glass Song / Self Release

Charles Lloyd & Jason MoranPretty Girl
Hagar's Song / Ecm Records
Charles Lloyd & Jason MoranMood Indigo
Hagar's Song / Ecm Records
Robert HurstPicked From Nick
Bob: A Palindrome / Bebob
Charles Lloyd & Jason MoranBess, You Is My Woman Now
Hagar's Song / Ecm Records

Laverne ButlerBe A Sweet Pumpkin
Love Lost And Found Again / Highnote
Laverne ButlerI've Told Ev'ry Little Star
Love Lost And Found Again / Highnote
Jeff JohnsonPicasso
Suitcase / Origin Records
Marc Johnson & Eliane EliasInside Her Old Music Box
Swept Away / Ecm Records (Jazz)

Galper, Hal TrioEmbraceable You
Airegin Revisted / Origin Records

Chris PotterKalypso
Sirens, The / Ecm Records (Jazz)

John AbercrombieLungsTimeless / Ecm Records (Usa)
John AbercrombieLove SongTimeless / Ecm Records (Usa)
Weather ReportProcessionProcession / Cbs Records

Carey, Ian Quintet + 1Rain Tune
Roads & Codes / Kabocha
Jessica WilliamsPoem
Songs Of Earth / Origin Records

Wolff & Clark ExpeditionCome Together
Wolff & Clark Expedition / Random Act
Kurt RosenwinkelGamma Band
Star Of Jupiter / Wommusic