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Thu Nov 01, 2001 3-6pm 
The GaiaDial Z-E-R-O777 (1991-1997) /
7 Year BitchDead Men Don't RapeSick 'Em /
the GitsSecond Skin7" /
Disco Crisis'77America in Decline coll. /
The HaggardGo ReverseNo Future /
CrackerbashSong for Lon MabonTin Toy /
Funeral Diner(song 4)??? /
PlanesmistakenforstarsEnd Me in RichmondFuck with Fire /
Kill the Man Who QuestionsCensusSugar Industry /
Kill the Man Who QuestionsWork EthicSugar Industry /
Romantic GorillaGorillaman-ShowRomantic Gorilla /
Yellow MachinegunSomething EnormousSpot Remover /
RuinationYours to KillYear One /
Crispus AttucksI Pledge...Red Blood Black Attack /
Kungfu RickHardcore ClicheKungfu Rick / Curtainr /
PageninetynineYour Face Is a Rape SceneDocument #8 /
MeatjackLightsplit CD w/Damad /
NeurosisSouls at ZeroSouls at Zero /
IsisRelocation SwarmMosquito Control Ep, the /
GrillGradinsLight /
ChristbaitLooseYeast /
GodfleshJesuHymns /
Meathook SeedDay of ConceivingEmbedded /
Kalmex and the RiffmerchantsLong Haul, theIt Goes to Eleven /
JuciferPlatinum HighLambs E.P., the /
JuciferWhite DevilsLambs E.P., the /
the Need Is DeadDark SallyNeed Is Dead, the /
Mr BungleMy Ass Is on FireMr Bungle /
FantomasGodfather, theDirector's Cut, the /
Melt-BananaIntroduction for CharlieCharlie /
CombatwoundedveteranMy Spine! My Spine! My SpineI Know a Girl Who Develops Cri /
PanteraBy Demons Be Driven(DecraniaHostile Mixes /
Pitch Shifter(A Higher Form Of) KillingDesensitized /
SepulturaAriseArise /
MalefactionUnsure Bloodlust ProspersCrush the Dream /
StackKonstante: RelativitatKonkret Lichtgeschwindigkeit /
AcridKisses and WhistlesEighty-Sixed /
Brutal TruthI See RedNeed to Control /
MeshuggahAbnegating Cecity (Demo VersRare Tra /
In AeternumCountess BathoryPast and Present Sins /
ShadowLunar EclipseShadow /