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Mon May 12, 2003 noon - 3am 
Cat FiveAmerican Military OperationsAmerican Military Operations / <No Label Info>
Mr. DibbsJudeas Transmission
30TH Song, the / Rhymesayers Ent
Herbie Hancock F. Dxt......Rockit 2.002Scratch the Movie / Transparent Music
dj \rupture13-15gold tooth thief / viOlentTurD
Dj Format & King ArdeLords of the CardboardRevenge of the B Boy / Bomb Hip Hop Rcords
Saul WilliamsSeptember 12TH (Radio VersioNot in Our Name / Not in Our Name
King Tee/Ice CubeGet your girl in the mood quickerdj drank's greatest malt liquor hits / <no label information>
Dj Jesterheavily bootedHeavily Booted / Exponential
forbidden playmateforbidden playmateluckyDice / quaketrap
Animal CrackersOptometry RemixDj Spooky - Dubtometry / Thirsty Ear Communication
Mu-Ziq.Lunatic HarnessLunatic Harness / Caroline/Astralwerks
Z TripRockstarReturn of the D.J 2 / Bomb Hip Hop Rcords
soulwaxtracks 4-92 many dj's / Pias
coldcut and dj foodget your head down-luke vibertcold krush cuts / ninja tune
WobblyDamnWild Why / Tigerbeat
Safety Scissors Vs Kit Claytontracks 1-5Ping Pong / Carpark Records
the User/
Symphony #2 / Asphodel
Yoko SoloInterstate 5
Forbidden Channel, the / Quaketrap Recordings
PleasurehorsePusch Da BuschBareskinrug / Load Records
Errorsmith + Opopop2
X + Y = Xy / Alku
Otto Von SchirachBoombonic Plague
Chopped Zombie Fungus / Schematic/Forced Exposure
Wolf EyesRotten Tropics
Dead Hills / Troubleman Unlimited
Lightning BoltAssassinsWonderful Rainbow / Load Records
ElixirRobot FlyDont Be Scared / Quartermass
Dino FelipeButterfri
Xanaconversex / Schematic Music Company
Paul KrassnerGeorge W. Bush Passes the TeMob Action Against the / Ak Press
MinikonSnowballMinikon / Kirakira Disc
Mouse on MarsRerelease Hysteresis
Glam / Thrill Jockey Records
MoonbuggySpace C
Planet Lupo / C & P Manic Music