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Wed Jan 16, 2013 10pm - midnight 
SundripsSoft Span
Arcseconds & Sundrips Split / Planet Of The Tapes

Blood / Constellation Tatsu
Jakobsons, Marielle VPurple Sands
Glass Canyon / Students Of Decay
Jakobsons, Marielle VCrystal Orchard
Glass Canyon / Students Of Decay

Tim Hecker + Daniel LopatinAInstrumental Tourist / Software Studio

Gareth Davis & Frances Marie UittiDetour
Gramercy / Miasmah Records
mis'rli ibrahim effendiben bugun bur sey istedimnotes from home to what a strainge place the music of the ottoman-american diasp / mississippi

Locrian & Christoph HeemannThe Drowned Forest
Locrian & Christoph Heemann / Hand Made Birds
The CaretakerEverything Is On The Point Of Decline
Patience (After Sebald) / History Always Favours The Winners