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Tue Dec 18, 2012 noon - 1pm 
NeptuneNegative Reversal
Msg Rcvd / Northern Spy
Oren Ambarchi & Robin FoxTrios
Connected / Kranky
The CaretakerApproaching The Outer Limits Of Our Solar System
Patience (After Sebald) / History Always Favours The Winners
Peters, Steve - Steve RodenWinds Through Bleak Timber
Not A Leaf Remains As It Was / 12k
Locrian & Christoph HeemannHecatomb
Locrian & Christoph Heemann / Hand Made Birds
Andy StottExpecting
Luxury Problems / Modern Love
Carlton MeltonCompany
Carlton Melton / Mugstar / Trensmat Records
Rella The WoodcutterBodies
I Know When It's Time To Get The Fuck Away / Boring Machines