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Wed Nov 14, 2012 10pm - midnight 
Flying LotusAll The Secrets
Until The Quiet Comes / Warp Records
Neil Campbell And Robert HortonMulti Colored Canopy Dropper
Trojandropper / Zum Media
Neil Campbell And Robert HortonCut-Free Taste Death
Trojandropper / Zum Media
Neil Campbell And Robert HortonUtterly Free World Without God's Curse - Multi-Sky Wave Joy
Trojandropper / Zum Media
LoscilSecond Narrows
Sketches From New Brighton / Kranky

PraguedrenPlant Castles
Serfs Of The Plant Kingdom / Dank Disk
Sujo + Sun HammerSafian
Fistula / Inam Records
Insect FactoryRain Dream
Broadcast Rain / Zero Moon

BaldruinAuf Dem Baumwipfel
Schatten & Lichter / Cae-Sur-A
Deep Listening BandGreat Horned Howl
Great Howl At Town Haul / Important Records
Rella The WoodcutterWrong Affection
I Know When It's Time To Get The Fuck Away / Boring Machines
Hoop DreamsMr X^4/Loner Party
Dark Summer / Dymaxion Groove
Mount EeriePale Lights
Ocean Roar / Pw Elverum & Sun

Sun Hammer & Radere4
Lotophagen / Future Sequence
VopatMethylene Dreams
Vopat / Inam Records
Vopat / Inam Records