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Sat Aug 11, 2012 9am - noon 
Johnny BassettDawging AroundI Can Make That Happen / Sly Dog Records
Johnnie BassettBassett HoundBassett Hound / Fedora Records
Johnny BassettProud To Be From DetroitI Can Make That Happen / Sly Dog Records
joe weaveri got the blues for my babybattle of hastings / ace
joe weaverbaby i'm in love with youbattle of hastings / ace
joe weaveri'm so lonesomebattle of hastings / ace
joe weaversoft pillowbattle of hastings / ace
joe weaverjb boogiebattle of hastings / ace
Johnny BassettIf the Shoe Is on the OtherI Gave My Life to the Blues / Black Magic Records
Johnnie BassettI'm Gonna Do, What I'mCadillac Blues / Cannonball Records
Tony MonacoYou Rock My World (Asako)
Celebration / Chicken Coup Records
Jackie PayneDay in the LifeDay in the Life / Jsp Records
Jackie PayneSweet Landlady
Master Of The Game / Delta Groove Productions
Jackie Payne & Steve EdmonsonOvernight SensationOvernight Sensation / Delta Groove Music, Inc.
eddie burnshello miss jesse lebattle of hastings / ace
johnny wrighti stayed downbattle of hastings / ace
howard richardlover bluesbattle of hastings / ace
eddie kirklandtime for my lovin' to be donebattle of hastings / ace
james waltonif you don't believe i'm leavingbattle of hastings / ace
johnny wrightboogie babybattle of hastings / ace
eddie burnsdealing with the devilbattle of hastings / ace
james waltoneva leebattle of hastings / ace
johnny wright54 bluesbattle of hastings / ace
eddied kirklandplease don't think i'm noseybattle of hastings / ace