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Fri Jul 27, 2012 3pm - 5pm 
VestalsOf Ripples
Forever Falling / Root Strata
TamarynThe Waves
Waves, The / Mexican Summer
His Name Is AliveInkMouth By Mouth / 4AD
MedicineBeneath the SandsBuried Life, the / American (Modern)
the Faith HealersDon't Jones MeLido / Elektra Records (Local)
Evan CaminitiA Memory Or A Mirage
Night Dust / Immune Records

SwirliesSarah HittingWhat to Do About Them / Taang! Records (East Cst)
Swell...A Velvet Sun
Everybody Wants to Know / Beggars Banquet
18TH DyeSole ArchTribute to a Bus / Che
Crime and the City SolutionI Have the GunParadise Discotheque / (Unknown)
RideUnfamiliarvapour trail / sire/reprise
The Black RyderLet It Go
Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride / Mexican Summer
VestalsIn Waking Dreams
Forever Falling / Root Strata

Jon PorrasEmbers At Dusk
Black Mesa / Thrill Jockey Records
OlekranonTravel Scars
Barbarians / Inam Records
Maggi PayneHikari
Ahh-Ahh / Root Strata
Bitchin bajasprismatic reflectionsvisaquatic / kalliztei

Just A Glimpse / Debacle Records
MegabatsVirtual Reality Enthusiast
Solaria / Debacle Records
Janel & AnthonyStay With Me
Where Is Home / Cuneiform Records
Bishop, Sir RichardKhajuraho
Intermezzo / Editions Mego
Kandodo / Thrill Jockey Records