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Fri May 25, 2012 midnight - 3am 
Mu.Zz.Le / Warp Records
Zoo / Matador Records
Zoo / Matador Records
FeedtimePlay With Fire
Aberrant Years, The / Sub Pop Records
White HillsRobot Stomp
Frying On This Rock / Thrill Jockey Records
LocrianFrozen In Ash
Dort Ist Der Weg/Frozen In Ash / Fss
WolvserpentSilence Within
Gathering Strengths / Self
Puny / Soft Abuse

MirrorringFell Sound
Foreign Body / Kranky
Stone BreathScorpion TearsAetheric Lamp, The / Anticlock Records
Beal, Willis EarlAway My Silent Lover
Acousmatic Sorcery / Xl Recordings
TecumsehWhen We Loved
Return To Everything / Beta-Lactam Ring Records
Wyndel HuntOblivion
Oblivion / Simulcra Records
CelerInvoluntary Impromptu
Lightness And Irresponsibility / Constellation Tatsu
EluviumUnder the Water It Glowed
Lambent Material / Temporary Residence
IsidoreThe Privateer
Life Somewhere Else / Communicating Vessels

3 LeafsGuacamole Window
Canal Smarts / Self
Michael Yonkers With The Blind ShakeTalk To Me
Period / Ss Records
Dave Cloud & The Gospel Of PowerRazmatazz
Practice In The Milky Way / Fire Records
Lieberman, Steve The Gangsta RabbiIf All The Press Is Owned By The Jews?Rabbi Is Dead, The / Jdub Records
Philip GayleThe Queensboro Bridge Song (Feelin' Slumpy)
Babanço Total (Improvised Bodily Functions, Etc.) / Public Eyesore
Zbigniew Antimatter / KarkowskiDivide By Zero
Divide By Zero / Antifrost Records