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Sun Jan 15, 2012 midnight - 3am 
The LicketsThe Glorious Eye Of Stellar Life
Here (On Earth) / International Corporation
Now That's What I Call Noise Vol 18 / Self
Plankton WatDark Temple
Plankton Wat / Super Minerals Split / Stunned Records
DisembowelmentThe Tree of Life and DeathTranscendence Into the Periphe / Relapse Records
Swarth / Profound Lore
Swarth / Profound Lore
AtheistFaux King Christ
Jupiter / Season of Mist
DemilichRaped Embalmed Beauty SleepNespithe /
Human Skab with Cousin Frank & FriendsSquishin' BuffalosStay Thirsty / Family Vineyard
Human Skab with Cousin Frank & FriendsSquishin' Blue Tits (the birds)Stay Thirsty / Family Vineyard
Human Skab with Cousin Frank & FriendsSuckin Out a Brain/ Givin Bloody NosesStay Thirsty / Family Vineyard
TuusanuuskatTippa 4
Nääksää Nää Mun Kyyneleet / Fonal Records
Barn OwlPale Star
Lost In The Glare / Thrill Jockey Records
Russian CirclesSchiphol
Empros / Sargent House
Electric ShepherdDown The River
Electric Shepherd / Self
Karnak TemplesSoft Borders
Din Of Light, The / Debacle Records
Karnak TemplesFoul Nest
Din Of Light, The / Debacle Records
Rat CatchingDuotron-B
Rat Catching / Fedora Corpse Records
Black MayonnaiseOur Senses Are Mysteries To Us, And We Are Mysteries To Ourselves
Dissi Pative Structure / Fedora Corpse Records
ComorosCloth Bound
On Abjection / Sonic Meditations
Ps Stamps Back & OlekranonHantaki
Ps Stamps Back & Olekranon / Inam Records
Carlton MeltonWhen You're InPass It On / Mid To Late Records
MerzbowRattus Rattus SuiteRattus Rattus / Scarcelight
David FirstPipeline Witness Apologies To Dennis
Privacy Issues / Xi Records
Richard SkeltonFord
Marking Time / Preservation Records