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Sat Jan 14, 2012 6pm - 9pm 
Human Skab with Cousin Frank & FriendsJust TapinStay Thirsty / Family Vineyard
Human Skab with Cousin Frank & FriendsFrank RiffStay Thirsty / Family Vineyard

Swarth / Profound Lore
TuusanuuskatTippa 5
Nääksää Nää Mun Kyyneleet / Fonal Records

Richard SkeltonHeys
Marking Time / Preservation Records
Vanishing Voice2029
Morning After, The / Three Lobed Recordings
Robert Dick & Thomas BucknerBones Of The Tongue
Flutes & Voices / Mutablemusic
Human Skab with Cousin Frank & FriendsBloody SpiritStay Thirsty / Family Vineyard
Human Skab with Cousin Frank & FriendsSuckin Out a Brain/ Givin Bloody NosesStay Thirsty / Family Vineyard
ComorosAfter The Ceiling
On Abjection / Sonic Meditations
Ps Stamps Back & OlekranonUntitled
Ps Stamps Back & Olekranon / Inam Records
Brett LandonAwaken After AbductionTransition Into A Phantom State / Debacle Records
Rat CatchingRat Catching
Rat Catching / Fedora Corpse Records
Karnak TemplesFoul Nest
Din Of Light, The / Debacle Records
Lawrence EnglishSide A
Peregrine, The / Experimedia
Koji AsanoSolstice Eclipse
Solstice Eclipse / Solstice
David FirstThe Softening Door
Privacy Issues / Xi Records