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Thu Oct 18, 2001 3-6pm 
90 Degree SouthOn the Ice-FloeDistant Memory of Home, a /
Kristin HershDown in the Willow GardenMurder, Misery and Then Goodni /
Blackstrap Molasses Family...The Longest TrainElixir That'll Fix 'er, the /
Bill Monroe & Doc WatsonBanks of the OhioLive Duet Recordings 1963-80 /
the Geraldine FibbersHands on the WheelWhat Part of Get Thee Gone Don't You Understand? /
Thalia ZedekDesanctified (Full Circle)
Been Here and Gone /
Neko CaseFurnace Room LullabyFurnace Room Lullaby /
Edith FrostWhoWonder Wonder /
Fables FaunLive Old
Mother Twilight /
Slapp HappyPowerful StuffCa Va /
Blonde RedheadMelody of a Certain ThreeMelody of Certain Deranged Lem /
Long Hind LegsDuskJulep /
the Murder City DevilsBear AwayThelema /
June of 44Pale Horse SailorEngine Takes to the Water /
FugaziDo You Like MeRed Medicine /
June of 44June MillerEngine Takes to the Water /
Scratch AcidCrazy DanJust Keep Eating LP /
HissanolLoggins & Messina ReunionMaking of Him, the /
Halo of FliesNo TimeMusic for Insect Minds /
NomeansnoThe Fall0 + 2 = 1 /
RodanThe Everyday World of BodiesRusty /
SuperetteI Got it CleanTiger /
PJ HarveyThe Faster I Breathe the Further I GoBook of Life sdtk coll /
PixiesTameDoolittle /
Henry SmithKansas City BluesBlues Guitar Killers /
Bob DylanBob Dylan's 115th DreamBringing it All Back Home /
BeckSatan Gave Me a TacoStereopathetic Soul Manure /
BongwaterFolk SongThe Power of Pussy /
LumenIIThe Man Felt an Iron Hand Grasp Him By the Hair, at the Nape, Not One Hand... /
Bengi TrioKaytagiGunes Bahcesinden Ezgiler /
Taraf De HaidouksA La TurkBand of Gypsies /
FantomasGodfather, theDirector's Cut, the /
Cradle of FilthThe Fire Still BurnsTwisted Forever coll /
ShadowBeyond the Drizzly NightsShadow /
KarpJ Is for GeniusSelf Titled Lp /
KrakatoaApparitionChannel Static Blackout /