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Sat Nov 12, 2011 9pm - midnight 
Souvenir's Young AmericaMars Ascendent
An Ocean Without Water / Smtg
Glitter WizardSacrifice
Solar Hits / Archers Guild
Invaders / Kemado Records
Premonition 13Clay Pigeons
13 / Volcom Entertainment
Witchfinder GeneralWitchfinder GeneralNew Wave Of British Heavy Metal / Metal Blade
Thunder Grey PilgrimBecoming
Ifomega / Debacle Records

Mercyful FateBlack FuneralMelissa / Roadrunner
Steel AssassinPhaetonFrom the Vaults / GME
Iron MaidenDeja VuSomewhere In Time / EMI
Saxon20,000 FeetStrong Arm of the Law / Carrere
Nasty SavageReturn of the SavagePsycho Psycho / Marquee
Slough FegI Will Kill You / You Will DieAtavism / Cruz Del Sur
DetenteIt's Your FateRecognize No Authority / Cognitive

Death StrikeMangled DehumanizationFuckin' Death /
MasterFaceless Victims Expelled
Human Machine, The / Pulverized Records
Iron AngelRush of PowerSpeed Kills II / Under One Flag
SlayerNight Rider (live 1983)Satan Laughs As slaYer Eternaly Rot / Rights of Evil
SlaughterMaim to PleaseSurrender or Die / Hells Headbangers
AntiseenExploding Barbed Wire Death MatchExploding Barbed Wire Death Match 7" / Green Mist

Rat DamageSilence Is GoldenRat Damage 7" / FYBS
Brats (Denmark)I Do What I Wanna DoCOLL: Paere Punk / none
GasmaskKoruseKilled By Hardcore / Redrum
The UncurbedFreedom PartyPunks On Parole / Sound Pollution
Tutti Il Colori Del Buio / Dark Descent
SiegeLife of HateDrop Dead / Deep Six
So Much HateBlindedHow We Feel / Norwegian Leather
SubhumansEveryday LifeRats / Bluurg
Bird / Self
Extreme Noise TerrorShock TreatmentHardcore Holocaust II: Peel Sessions / Strange Fruit
Mind As PrisonRescue (Interrogation)
Maryland Grindcore / To Live A Lie
Riot / CloneOne Less ParasiteAftermath / Profane Existence

Sub-RosaBorrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes
No Help For The Mighty Ones / Profound Lore
Adam ParfreyParanoid (Black Sabbath)A Sorrid Evening of Sonic Sorrows / Feral House
Black SabbathThe FallenBorn Again (Expanded edition) / Sony
Amber AsylumBlack SabbathSupernatural Parlour Colle, th / Release
Blood AxisThe Gospel of InhumanityBlot (Sacrifice in Sweden) / Cold Meat Industry

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A CloudIVThe Smell of Blood But Victory / Arthurs Round Table
Der BlutharschVIWhen Did Wonderland End? / WKR/Hau Ruck!
Gunn-Truscinski DuoTaksim Ii
Sand City / Three Lobed Recordings
March of HeroesMotherland CallsMarch for Glory / Rage in Eden
Lotus EatersC
Wurmwulv / Taiga Records