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Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:30am - 4am 
Motion Sickness Of Time TravelClean Hands
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel / Tidal Split / Tranquility Tapes
Ingnodwetrust / Rocket Recordings
Wind Swept PlanesMagical Fuck Music
Spirit Man / Debacle Records
High WolfSwallow Pills With Ganga River Water
A Guide To Healing / Bathetic Records

Sky StadiumVeranda / Peace Guide
Palmae / Goldtimers Tapes
Peaking LightsSynthy
936 / Not Not Fun
For Kings And QueensPart 8
Merz / Subterranean Sonic
Starving WeirdosI Walked Into The Ancient River
Rolled In The Midst Of Never-Ceasing Currents Flowing Without A Rest Forever Onw / Bo'weavil Recordings
Now That's What I Call Noise Vol 12 / Self
CharalambidesInto The Earth
Exile / Kranky
Wind Swept PlanesTwining Twixt
Rose; Prickliest Of Thorns, The / Debacle Records
Sam Hamilton & Chris O'connorPunky Rice Spirit
Tidal Dees And Harboured Dums / Pseudo Arcana
The North SeaDestroy Her Blue EyesNever Stop It / Hooker Vision

Glitter WizardAbaca
Solar Hits / Archers Guild
Summon ThrullPinecone Epidural
Summon Thrull / Debacle Records
Hutterites / Debacle Records
Wooden ShjipsBlack Smoke Rise
West / Thrill Jockey Records
Without GodThey Rot
Lambs To The Slaughter / R.A.I.G.
Gunn-Truscinski DuoB38 Blues
Sand City / Three Lobed Recordings
Ambarchi, Oren/Robbie AvenaimDream Request Pt2
Dream Request / Bo'weavil Recordings

Valediction / Second Layer Records
SquimPower Speaks To Power
Nazarearu / Debacle Records
Bill Gould & Jared BlumSundown
Talking Book, The / Kool Arrow Records
Tim HeckerSketch_6
Dropped Pianos / Kranky
Seven Stars / Touch
Hive / Debacle Records
Thunder Grey PilgrimBecoming
Ifomega / Debacle Records