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Mon Nov 07, 2011 midnight - 2:30am 
Whokill / 4AD
AntimatterCloud Of Possibility
Reset / Resipiscent
Julian LynchTerra
Terra / Underwater Peoples Records
No Mind Meditation1
Molecular Clock / Goldtimers Tapes

Lotus EatersB
Wurmwulv / Taiga Records
Ded StixDedstix
Ded Stix / Trapdoor Tapes
GoteCaspar Wa A Black Magus
Gote / Fedora Corpse Records
Demian Johnston & Kevin Gan YuenTold Outloud Indoors
Keep Your Hands / Debacle Records

Timeless PulseMaxed Out I
Trio / Taiga Records
StarlickerTriple Hex
Double Demon / Delmark Records
Bay/Oslo Mirror TrioV5
Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio / Conrad Sound
Dustin O'halloranWe Move Lightly
Lumiere / Self
WarblerAwkward Sizes
Warbler / Bromp Treb / Death Bomb Arc
Age WaveTomorrows Nurse
Telephone Dreams / Bathetic Records
Lunar MiasmaA Thousand Suns
Crystal Covered / Basses Frequences
Christina CarterTholos
Obelisk/Tholos / Emerald Cocoon
Motion Sickness Of Time TravelClean Hands
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel / Tidal Split / Tranquility Tapes