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Sun Mar 23, 2003 3pm - 6pm 
Faun FablesSleepwalking
Mother Twilight / Www.Faunfables.Net
20 Minute LoopVaccine
Decline of Day / Fortune Records
Charming HostessDali TzerniEat / Vaccination Records
Cap'n JazzOh Messy LifeAnaalphabetapolothology / Jade Tree
Strike AnywhereChorus of OneChorus of One / Red Leader Records
DS-13Get AwayAborted Teen Generation / Havoc Records
the FuturesBroken RollDirty Works: 1997-2001 / Jerk Off Records
KalibasFrom the Waste DownProduct of Hard Living / Willowtip
ShotwellWorld Turned Upside Down
Slow Down Kids! / Snuffy Smile
HiretsukanBarrel Roll
Invasive//Exotic / G7 Welcoming Committee
1.6 BandSquelchedDeparture / Community Chest
EskapoBalewalang SamahanEskapo / Independent
DamadTinnitusDamad/In/Humanity / Passive Fist
Cripple BastardsNon Servire a NienteMisantropo a Senso Unico / Deaf American Records
Talk Is PoisonIsolationDeathreat / Talk Is Po / Prank
Angry for LifeCold Northern WindAngry for Life / Ancestor Records
Quest for Quintana RooSoap BoxQuest for Quintana Roo / New Disorder Records
Discordance AxisIceDef.Master/Discordance / H.G. Fact
Nigel Pepper CockRespectNew Way, the / Life Is Abuse
DawnbreedRollercoasterLuxus / Stickfigure
Kungfu RickPasted Into PlaceMotivation to Abuse / 625 Productions
JfaKick You
We Know You Suck / Alternative Tentacles
the StrikeNever BreakA Conscience Left to Struggle / Johanns Face Records
Despise YouDespreciado Me VoyDespise You/Crom / Theologian Records
Crispus AttucksAmerica's War...Destroy the Teacher / Soda Jerk Records
the GaiaChannel 13Dead and Gone/Gaia / Prank
SubtonixBlack Nails in My Coffin
Tarantism / Troubleman Unlimited
PlanesmistakenforstarsBastardsSpearheading the Sin Movement / No Idea
RadonFacial DisobedienceWe Bare All / No Idea
William ParkerSonic AnimationTestimony / Zero in
Jarrett/Peacock/Dejohnette341 Free FadeInside Out / Ecm Records (Jazz)
Bishop, Jeb TrioBig StubbyBishop/Kessler/Mulvenna / Okka Disk
Trovesi, Gianluigi/Gianni CoscPinnochio: in Groppa Al TonnIn Cerca Di Cibo / Ecm Records (Jazz)
Julius HemphillDirty RowBlue Boye / Screwgun Records
Charles MingusHaitian Fight SongPassions of a Man / Rhino Records