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Sat Oct 15, 2011 noon - 3pm 
Pig DestroyerGrave DancersTerrifyer / relapse
Futur SkullzGreetings From The Salton SeaLP / Kemado
MinuteMenThe ProductBuzz or Howl... / SST
Furdidurkeunknowncdr / none
Wind Swept PlanesTwining Twixt
Rose; Prickliest Of Thorns, The / Debacle Records
Pig Heart TransplantFeeding From Your Trough/PopulationHope You Enjoy Heaven / Sweat Lung
Melt BananaIguana in TroubleAt light Velocity / Tzadik
SlicesChump Change7" / Kemado
Chrissy ZebbyOH YE YEMy Ancestors/African Psychedelic Music / Normal Germany
Prisoners Go Go BandunknownPrisoners Go Go Band Live! At The Butchery With Special Guests / SS
Sun City GirlsPlaster Cupids Falling from the CeilingYou're Never Alone with a Cigarette / Abduction
Phillip Cohran & The African Heritage EnsembleMalcolm XThe Malcolm X Memorial / Zulu
Sun RaOuter NothingnessHeliocentric Worlds Vol. 1 / ESP
Bruce SterlingWhat comes after the future / NA
Noah HowardOle NegroThe Black Ark / Bo' Weavil
SighThe Tranquilizer SongGallows Gallery / End Gallows
Hadaka No Rallizes (Les Rallizes Denudes)Otherwise My ConvictionYodo-Go-A-Go-Go CD / n/a
MelvinsForgotton PrinciplesMangled Demos from 1983 / Ipecac
Guitar WolfFire Ball RedUFO Romantics / Narnack Records
Netajev SSMellow Vibes On Mothership MalabarDiscography 2005-2006 / Not Very Nice
Charlie PattonMississipi Boll Weavil BluesFounder of the delta Blues / Yazoo
NeurosisDay Of The Lords (Live)Empty 7" / Your Choice Live
(Etre)To Provoke A Fire Beyond Your Shutters (For Ivano Ferrari)
Inferno From My Occult Diary / Porter Records
CarcassRuptured In PurulenceSymphonies Of Sickness / Earache
PhobiaMorally ContentMeans of Existence / Slap a Ham
CirrhusPreventing An Introductionsplit 7" w/ Eunuch / CW Prod.
SamhainSamhainLive 85/86 / Evil Live Records
Crankshaft And The Gear GrindersOde To The '59
Junkyard Rhythm / Self
FadereruTwo little calves / middle of road / sitting, but why?@fadesingh /
Cosiner & James AndrewsFlight Of The Guilded CraneVisions of Cosiner & James Andrews / Beautiful Angry Music
Champ NeptuneBlasphemy / na
BastardTragic InsaneControled In The Frame 7" / 540
Zombie ZombieHalloweenJohn Carpenter / na
DeathEvil DeadDeath By Metal Demo / Devil Metal Records
George Garanian With The Melodiya Jazz EnsembleThe Big Search
Psych Funk 101 / World Psychedelic Funk Classics
Nexus SixuntitledNexus Six / Spare Organ
Face The RailNo Hope7" / Headcount