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Sat Sep 24, 2011 noon - 3pm 
swirl of gorebulletswirl of gore / n/a
FaithIn the BlackFaith Void Split / dischord
CanFather Cannot YellMonster Movie / MUTE
SlayerThe Final CommandShow No Mercy / Metal Blade Records
DeathBeyond The Unholy GraveSceam Bloody Gore / Combat Records
Grand InvincibleWinterDemo / self
Sin VidaSteweddemo / self
AbhorrenceCommunication With The DeadAscension 1997 Demo / n/a
Groucho MarxHooray For Captain SpauldingGratuitously Groucho / Raven Records
Bob TrimbleThe Camel Song
Crippled Dog Band, The / Yoga Records
Cop in A Donut ShopSquish Squashsoundcloud / n/a
Eternal Tapestry & Sun ArawNight Gallery I
Night Gallery / Thrill Jockey Records
OsannaPreludioMilano Calibro 9 / n/a
Harmonica ShawWho's The FoolLive At The Cove / Electro-Fi
White Hills CyThothuhhhsoudcloud / self
Franco MicalizziFolk And ViolenceAttori A Mano Armata / n/a
BirdGravity Of Self Defense
Bird / Self Release
Immortal FateConfessionFaceless Burial / Drowned / Hard Vinyl record
Burl IvesBlue Tail Flycollection / MCA
LullDownwardsJourney Through Underworlds / Sentrax Productions
In Search of/ Leonard NioySearch for the Yetina / na
SpazzKiss of the SasquatchSweating to the Oldies / Slap a Ham
Sun City GirlsThe Yeti Stiff Compound Evacuation Rayna / youtube
Stompin Tom ConnorsSasquatch Songna / youtube
naThe Herb Gardenna / na
ClutchThe Yeti SongThe Elephant Riders / Columbias Records
Tenacious DSasquatchtv show / na
Mojo NixonAmazing Bigfoot DietFrenzy / na
Unsolved Mysteries/ Robert StackBigfoot in OregonTV / na
The Bigfoot SongThe Bigfoot Songtv show / na
The monroesLoch Ness MonsterYou're BUNYON / Leechalicous Records
Giuliano SorginiEchoes From CanyonLondon Transport / n/a
BrainworldsSolar Plexes
••••• / Sonic Meditations
SPAZZSasquatc Prt 2: Leechs Himalayan AdventureSubversion Split / deported records
SadusLast AbideSwallowed In Black / ROADRUNNER / DIS-ORDER RECORDS
SchlongRainy Day and MondaysEssential / Bun Length
Judgementhaunt in the darkhaunt in the dark / HG FACT
NephasthScreams For The Supreme ForceImmortal Unholy Triumph / Mercenary Musik Records
SlobberMarching BandSlobber / FAAC
Napalm DeathWallsGrind Madness At BBC / Earache Records
Extreme Nosie TerrorFalse ProfitGrind Madness At The BBC / Earache Records
HeresyConsumeGrind Madness At The BBC / Earache Records
Gauzei cant read japanesei cant read japanese / i cant read japanese
Franco MicalliziSpecial CopItalia Violenta / n/a
HanggaiYuan Ding Cap
He Who Travels Far / World Connection
Swirl Of GoreMadmanSwirl Of Gore / n/a
Swirl Of GoreMondoSwirl Of Gore / n/a
Swirl Of GoreSeventh CureSwirl Of Gore / N/a
Swirl Of GoreExorsist With DrugsSwirl Of Gore / n/a
Swirl Of GoreDeath Wish 3 mixSwirl Of Gore / n/a
Sonny Boy WilliamsonDo it if you wannaKING BISCUIT TIME / Arhoolie
Sammy Hagar z(on the wrong speed)GIVE TO LIVE, brotheribid / geffen
AmorphisVulgar NecrolatryAmorphis ep Single / Privilege Of Evil / n/a
Erick LindgrenMr. Goodbar has a nutty sideSells Out / arf arf
SinisterCorridors To The AbyssCross The Styx / Nuclear Blast Records
Dr. JohnFamiliar RealitySun Moon and Herbs / ATCO
Shintaro KatsuUnknow / n/aep / Daiei records
Thurston MooreOrchard Street
Demolished Thoughts / Matador Records
Dark HallThe Pharaoh And The Nomad1998 demo / n/a