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Thu Sep 08, 2011 midnight - 2am 
Voder Deth SquadSide Ii
1 / Stunned Records
The Talking BookSKS
Heirs Of The Fire / Smtg
Beaks PlinthI'll Never Fal In Love Again
Organo Sturado / Monorail Trespassing
Beaks Plinth And Scott CaligureFlameout
Flameout / Gigante Sound
Garrincha & The Stolen ElkI Don't Believe You
Void / Weird Forest

Eternal Tapestry & Sun ArawNight Gallery Iv
Night Gallery / Thrill Jockey Records
White HillsParadise
H-P1 / Thrill Jockey Records
The SlavesDokude
Ocean On Ocean / Debacle Records
OlekranonElvin Throes
Identi / Self
OlekranonBrng Yvwh
{Bilal} / Inam Records
VopatOpiusVopat / Inam Records
Carlton MeltonNight Flight
Country Ways / Agitated Records
Yellow SwansDirty Heads
Deterioration / Load Records
Kevin GreensponX.A. Assembly
Paradise A.D. / Bridgetown Records