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Sat Apr 30, 2011 9pm - midnight 
Morbid AngelLord of All Fevers and PlageAltars of Madness / Earache
SlayerCrypts of EternityHell Awaits / Metal Blade
DarkthroneMan Tenker Sitt
Sardonic Wrath / Moonfog Productions
Celtic FrostCircle of the TyrantsMorbid Tales/Emporers Return / Noise Records
AgallochNot Unlike The Waves
Ashes Against The Grain / The End Records
Dimensional Bleedthrough / Profound Lore
LoudnessIn the MirrorThe Law of Devil's Land /
CrumbsuckersBullshit SocietyLife of Dreams /
BathoryBlood On IceBlood On Ice /
UlverCapitel I: Troldskog Faren VildBergtatt /
CoffinwormStart Saving For Your FuneralWhen All Became None /
IlsaPrimrose PathsTutti Il Colori Del Buio / (self)
Sexy PoliceChemical Rocket
Sexy Police (7" Ep) / Self Release
Rotten SoundSuperior
Cursed / Relapse Records
Napalm DeathUnchallenged HateFrom Enslavement to Obliterati / Earache
CallousDnepopetrovsk Maniacs
Demo / Blastcat
Righteous PigsOpen WoundStress Related /
RotHidden From YourselfCruel Face of Life /
AssuckPopulation IndexAnticapital /
ImpetigoWizard Of GoreHorror of the Zombies /
Insect WarfareBestial Destruction
Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution / 625 Thrashcore
Off!Panic Attack
First Four Eps / Vice Music Inc
Lil JohnsonGet 'em From the Peanut ManRaunchy Business / Columbia Records (College
Moon DuoLove On The Sea
White Vinyl 12" 45 / Sick Thirst Records
Iron MaidenRunning FreeIron Maiden / EMI
Iron MaidenInfinite DreamsSeventh Son of a Seventh Son / EMI
Morbid AngelThe Ancient OnesBlessed Are the Sick / Earache
DeathFlesh and the Power It HoldsSound Of Perseverance, The / Nuclear Blast America
SuffocationFuneral InceptionDespise the Sun / Vulture Records
IncantationUnto Infinite Twilight/MajesDiabolical Conquest / Relapse Records