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Sat Feb 26, 2011 9pm - midnight 
BudgieMelt the Ice AwayImpeckable / A&M
Operation IvyVulnerabilityOperation Ivy / Lookout Records
CrimpshrineSleep, What's That?Sleep, What's That? / Lookout Records
CringerStep BackKarin / Lookout Records
the Mr. T ExperienceLast Time I Listened to YouBig Black Bugs Bleed Blue Bloo / Lookout Records
Common RiderConscious BurningLast Wave Rockers / Lookout!
the Four EyesNerdy Girl
Rock & Role Playing / Plastic Idol Records
FifteenAlienationSwain's First Bike Ride / Lookout Records
SamiamWisconsinAstray / Hopeless Records
SpazzNo Shadow KickLa Revancha / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Disciples Of ChristLapse
Demo Ep / To Live A Lie
Hummingbird Of DeathSpecter Of Fear
Show Us The Meaning Of Haste / To Live A Lie
Progress of InhumanityPredetermined PathEscalating Decay / self-released
BloodThe GreedImpulse to Destroy /
Last Days of HumanityCatering from the WombHymns... /
SayyadinaLosing Faith
Fear Gave Us Wings / Sound Pollution/Mcr
CynessBush - Krieger
Loony Planet/Industreality / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Sore ThroatChannel Zero RealityAnd We Don't Care / Weasel Records
DissectionThorns of Crimson DeathStorm of the Light's Bane / Nuclear Blast America

BurzumSpell of DestructionBurzum /
Saint VitusWhite Magic/Black MagicHeavier than Thou / Sst Records/New Alliance
Pagan AltarJudgment of the DeadVolume 1 /
DisembowelmentThe Tree of Life and DeathTranscendence Into the Periphe / Relapse Records
AbsuDescent to AcheronBarathrum: VITRIOL / Gothic
Iron Maiden2 Minutes To MidnightPowerslave / Emi
MausoleumEnchanted Forest
Mausoleum (Demo) / None
VenomWelcome to HellWelcome to Hell / Sanctuary Records
BudgieWild FirePower Supply /
Diamond HeadPlay It LoudLightning to the Nations /
Mercyful FateCurse of the PharaohsMelissa / Roadrunner
SepulturaBeneath the RemainsBeneath the Remains / Roadrunner Records
DisincarnateSea of TearsDreams of the Carrion Kind / Roadrunner Records
MausoleumWorld On Thin Ice
Mausoleum (Demo) / None
Running WildBad to the BoneBad to the Bone / Noise
SadusFalse IncarnationSwallowed In Black / Roadrunner
VoivodTribal ConvictionsDimension Hatross / Noise
RazorEvil InvadersEvil Invaders / Attic
Nasty SavageGladiatorNasty Savage / Metal Blade