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Tue Feb 22, 2011 midnight - 3am 
Tim HeckerHatred Of Music IRavedeath, 1972 / Kranky
First Narrows / Kranky
Ulrich SchnaussKnuddelmaus
Far Away Trains Passing By / Domino
Kaki KingSoft Shoulder...Until We Felt Red / Velour Recordings, Inc.
Beaten By ThemYo
Invisible Origins / Logicpole
Animals on WheelsNodding DogsDesign & Mistakes / Ninja Tune
TrentemollerNightwalkerThe Last Resort / Poker Flat
El Ten ElevenTriangle Face
It's Still Like A Secret / Self Release
Beach HouseChildhood
Beach House / Carpark Records
NomakUltimate Eternity
Calm / Huge Soul
StyrofoamIf You Tell Me the Truth I Will Kill YouA Short Album About Murder / Nettwerk
YppahI'll Hit The BreaksYou Are Beautiful At All Times / N5MD
Prudence TeacupSoul Weight
Where Do All The Little Songs Go When They Die? / All Hands Electric
FourcolorCurves of AirAir Curtain / 12K
This Will Destroy YouThey Move ON Never Ending Tracks of LightS/T / Magic Bullet
KatalystMad ScientistShowtime / Invada Records
the OpusI Come in PeaceFirst Contact 001 / Ozone
CouchEinhängen Und PositiverFigur 5 / Morr Music
Jefre Cantu-LedesmaWhite Dwarf Butterfly
Love Is A Stream / Type Records
Stars Of The LidArticulate Silences Part 2
And Their Refinement Of The Decline / Kranky
Mouse on MarsUnt It Led States OfAgit Itter It It / Sonig
Flying LotusKill Your Co-Workers
Pattern + Grid World / Warp Records
Amon TobinEasy MuffinBricolage / Ninja Tune
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse & David LynchInsane Lullaby
Dark Night Of The Soul / Capitol Records Inc.
Secret Frequency CrewFaen
Forest of the Echo Downs / Schematic Records
BiosphereWarmed by the DriftDropsonde / Kudos Records
Eliot LippHarmonixSteele Street Scraps EP / No Label Info
Infinite BodyDrive Dreams Away
Carve Out The Face Of My God / Ppm