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Fri Jan 28, 2011 8pm - 9pm 
Wet HairCult Electric Annihilation
Dream / Not Not Fun
Wet HairBlack Sand
Dream / Not Not Fun
Magic LanternFriendship
Platoon / Not Not Fun
Wet HairOrdinary Lives
Dream / Not Not Fun
Wet HairRadio Machines/Gold Chains
Dream / Not Not Fun
Dean Fleischer-CampMarcel the Shell with Shoes OnMarcel / Mar-shell
Sore ErosLips Like WineSecond Chants /
Zola JesusManifest Destiny
Stridulum / Sacred Bones Records
La Vampires Meets Zola JesusLookingLa Vampires Meets Zola Jesus / Not Not Fun
IBOPASleep is the enemy of peopleBallads for ben padrone /