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Wed Nov 17, 2010 6pm - 9pm 
Bernardino FemminielliSide A
La Montaña Del Capricornio / Hobo Cult

The Sky Does Not Care About MeSitar Freeman
Any Speed Any Direction / Self
Dimona / Inam Records
Empty ShapesHell Of A Night
Carlton Melton/Empty Shapes / Mid To Late Records
GoteDead Boy Torture Trunk
Gote / Fedora Corpse Records
SwansNo Words/No Thoughts
My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky / Young God Records
Fuck ButtonsRace You To My Bedroom/Spirit Rise
Street Horrrsing / Terrorbird Digital
StereolabGolden BallJenny Ondioline (Part 1) / Elektra Records (Local)
BoxharpWho Are Your People (South Shoal)
Loam Arcane / Hidden Shoal
LakesFlute Mouth
Cloven / R.I.P Society Records

GrindermanHeathen Child
Grinderman 2 / Anti, Inc.
ElksPeace In The Valley
Martian Church/Elks / Free Loving Anarchists
Cotton JonesMan Climbs Out Of The Winter
Tall Hours In The Glowstream / Suicide Squeeze
BlancheJack on Fire
If We Can't Trust the Doctors / V2 Records
Gemma RayGhost On The Highway
It's A Shame About Gemma Ray / Bronzerat Records
Crime and the City SolutionSix Bells ChimeRoom of Lights / Mute
Sex Church209
Sex Church - Single / Hozac Records
Gun ClubJack on FireEarly Warning / Sympathy for the Record Industry
Upstairs DownstairsStationery's Helping
Inland & Out / (No Label Information)

Nisi PeriodThe Beatles Ruined EverythingAmerica The Beautiful / RRR
Cool WorldSup Outside
Gaydream Nation / Does Are
K.K. RampageSin Obsessed
"Self Titled 2006" / Rampage Recordings
Die Kruezenside ACows and Beer (7") /
The Corporate WhoresPink Elephant Dance Again
Swine Courage / Disillusion Music
Conflict (Us)Slide
Live January 18, 1983 / None
Conflict (Us)Nails
Live January 18, 1983 / None
Conflict (Us)Sabbath Intro
Live January 18, 1983 / None
Conflict (Us)Black Sabbath
Live January 18, 1983 / None

Ghosts In The AqueductsTranquilizer
Ghosts In The Aqueducts / Self Release