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Thu Sep 16, 2010 midnight - 9am 
Cyberminds, TheSons Urbain, Urban Break Core
Crystal CastlesBaptism
Crystal Castles ( I I ) / Fiction Records
Trent In Action

Technical Itch ft. Kryptic MindsPressure Drop
Current ValueCybernetics (Barcode)

MidlakeBring Down
Courage Of Others, The / Bella Union Ltd
MammatusThe Coast Explodes
Coast Explodes , The / Holy Mountain
D12 & 16 Volt Medley
The Shitty ListenerBlood In The ClockYou Start Fights / Majmua Music

Tenney, James / Matthias Kaul, Rüdiger OrthMaximusic (1965)Solo Works For Percusssion, The / Hat[Now]Art
Tenney, James / Matthias Kaul, Rüdiger OrthErgodos Ii For Tape And Percussion (1963-64)Solo Works For Percusssion, The / Hat[Now]Art

Wicked King WickerThose Who Bear Responsibility
God Is Busy...Save Yourself / Cold Spring Records

Knovanik & Firehorse the DJCassette.both sides

Panauromni / Innova Recordings
Lovecraft, H.P.Fungi From Yuggoth

Radio Massacre InternationalAeon
Time And Motion / Cuneiform Records
Lovecraft, H.P.Fungi From Yuggoth


Bix MedardLa Ficelle
Bix Medard / Altaira Records
Bardo PondBack PorchBufo Alvarius /
SujoMorte E Descida
Merte E Descida / Inam Records


Bob Hope & Shirley RossPenthouse Serenade
WagnerDas Reingold 1.1
Maggotron Crushing CrewMiami Bass Express
Ferraro, JamesPleiadian Channel #3On Air /

[coll]: Kode 9 (Dj Kicks)tracks22-24 & 29-31 plus additional madness
Kode 9 (Dj Kicks) / !K7 Records Usa

KremitDean martin ate some bad clam linguini and is swimming in his own shit
Conflict (Us)Dont Listen To The News
Live January 18, 1983 / None
HnyDead In A YearMy Estrogeneration Compilation 2009: Not Not Fun / (No Label Information)
Monteverdiquell agelin che canta

SeamonsterNew EnglandTwo Birds / Gold Robot Records
Al QaedaUntitled
Collaborative Works: Mike Watt//Gabe Serbian//Chris Carrico//Occassional Detroit / Scotch Tapes
L.A. VampiresKeep It Turn It Bump ItMy Estrogeneration Compilation 2009: Not Not Fun / (No Label Information)
Cocteau TwinsPink Orange RedTiny Dynamine / (Unknown)
Hatakeyama MidoriKoi ha Kami o no Mukashi kara
Piazzola, AstorOblivion Kremitized
Creedence ClearwaterEffigy

Calypso BorealisSida A?Sainyinan daji (cass) /
Julie AndrewsFeed the BirdsMary Poppins /
Sunn0)))The Gates of Ballard
White 1 / Southern Lord Recordings
Unknown BollywoodPyar Hua ChupkeA Love Story /
JapantherSpread So Thin

Bj Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa1
Man From Deep River / Editions Mego
Bj Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa2
Man From Deep River / Editions Mego

15 Volt vs. Pitbull
Poni HoaxBudapest
Ultra BonbonSide A excerptInfants Grip (cass) / Husk Records
Dekker, DesmondHippopotamus

Morton FeldmanPatterns In A Chromatic FieldPatterns in a Chromatic Field / Hat Art Records
Tatum, ArtShe's Funny That Way

Waller, FatsHoney HushIf You Got To Ask, You Ain't Got It /
Waller, FatsLulu's Back In TownIf You Got To Ask, You Ain't Got It /
La Vampires Meets Zola JesusNo No NoLa Vampires Meets Zola Jesus / Not Not Fun

Wooden GuitarA North Thuringian Raga]
Wooden Guitar / Locust