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Thu Sep 09, 2010 midnight - 6am 
Casual SexToday's Voices, Their PHones - Their Vices /
ricardo villalobosfizheuer ziehuerfizheuer ziehuer /
eric weissbergjesse jamesthe age of steam and steel / time life inc
Charles MansonMechanical Man
Sings / Esp
Trans AmPlease Wait
Thing / Thrill Jockey Records
chuck personside bchuck person's ecco jams volume 1 / curatorial club
Murphy, JamesIn The House28 Days Later Soundtrack /
white hills & gnodhang outwhite hills & gnod drop out II / roccket
Instruments Of Science & TechnologyField Notes
Music For Paradise Armor / Asthmatic Kitty Records
Thing & Nothing (soundtrack)Beautiful, Naked LoveThing & Nothing / Tasm Lab
david rose and his orchestrathe stripperdavid rose and his orchestra play the stripper / mca
guys and dollsfugue for tinhornsguys and dolls /
Bardo PondTommy Gun AngelLapsed / Matador Records
NecroanalBurger Tyme (Chop Splat Crush Grind)New And Improved Shitcicle, Now With More Nuts!, The / None

------0100------ /

NecroanalDear China, We Would Love A Regime Change, Xoxo UsaNew And Improved Shitcicle, Now With More Nuts!, The / None
altar eagleside ajudo songs / digitalis
chuck personside a excerptchuck person's ecco jams volume 1 / curatorial club
krs onethe bride is overcriminal minded /
Alex LukashevskyI Saved A Junky Once
Connexions / North East Indie Records
kleineside a (excerpt)the iditarod /
IsengrindNight Dew Call
Modlitewnik / Blackest Rainbow
Antn HrkwkBargain Hunter
Thoroughbred Flow 5 / Life's Blood Flows
common eider king eidertrack 5worn / root strata
Swans, TheThe Golden Boy Who Was Swallowed By The SeaLove Of Light /
ariel pink's haunted graffitihowling at the moonff --> / cooler cat records
Drunk Elk/
S/T Cassette / Inverted Crux
YximallooPerson To Person
Unpop / Esp
balam acabregret making mistaksesee birds /
arthur russellclling out of contextcalling ut of context / rought trade
La Vampires Meets Zola JesusLookingLa Vampires Meets Zola Jesus / Not Not Fun
jeffrey lewisthe east riverthe last time i did acid i went insane and other favourties /
PantherBurningHow Well Can You Swim / Gold Robot Records
S.I.D.S.My Other Vehicle Is A Stretcher
My Other Vehicle Is A Stretcher / Goodnight Records
Beaks PlinthVoices Of The Lagoon
Kai Kohola Leo / Gigante Sound

------0200------ /

MonostereoOn And On
On And On / A Matter Of Confusion - Single / Mpls Ltd
SeamonsterBearsuitTwo Birds / Gold Robot Records
First Communion AfterpartyTime Between
Skyline, Starlight / Mpls Ltd
HexloveOone Et SecoondeMucky The Ducky / Hexlove / A Record
HexloveOone Et SecoondeMucky The Ducky / Hexlove / A Record
HexloveSolid BrassMucky The Ducky / Hexlove / A Record
velvet cocoonuss nauticalgenevive /
svarte grenierb 1, b2penpals forever / digitalis industries
Tenney, James / Maelström Percussion Ensemble Conducted By Jan WilliamsMaximusic (1965)Pika - Don / Hat[Now]Art
kremit horndean martin ate some bad clam linguini and is swimming in his own shitgreatest hits / gigante sound
some beautiful japanese woman with small breasts on the covertracks 1 & 2sexy japanese swank lounge jazz record, i dont know japanese / tiliqua records
josh burkesea of miraclesprana / aguirre
white rainbowside aclear tape / ???
arpst. tropezin light /
current valuëbarcode
NegativlandTime ZonesEscape From Noise / (Unknown)
Hurley, MichaelJust A Bum
tonstartssbandhttio minuterparson sound / international harvester
My FunFireworks
Quality Of Something Audible, The / (No Label Information)
Panauromni / Innova Recordings
do as infinityshiniitsu no shi
Weill, KurtAlabama Song
tonstartssbandhtonly loveparson sounds /
Amen DunesNo ShotD.I.A. /
Dory TourretteLive at KZSU /
Brian Kenny FresnoBobby SalazarLive at KZSU /

++++++0400++++++ /

jeffrey lewisthe last time i did acid i went insanethe last time i did acid i went insane /
lily tomlinside amodern scream / polydor
ScornCan but TryGreetings From Birmingham / Hymen
the yes go'sbaby blue / live september 15 at bottom of the hill
Fun With NunsListen To The Feetnik
Fun With Nuns / More Mars
daniel johnstondon't let the sun go down on your grievancesyip! jump music /
jimmyspin the bottlewhite x-mas / a true bliss production
dollfacerunninglive at the hotel utah /
mount kimbiewould knowcrooks & lovers /
Ill BluBellion
Kode 9 (Dj Kicks) / !K7 Records Usa
tuluum shimmeringside aflowers are offered / rotifer cassettes
ComorosMeaningless Reproductions I
Comoros / Fedora Corpse Records

------0500------ /

Nudge SquidfishThey Call Me Mike Rep
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under Nashville / Columbus Discount Records
redi sholdda told yo mama on youman without the machine /
Nudge SquidfishRollin' & Tumblin'
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under Nashville / Columbus Discount Records
ComorosMeaningless Reproductions Ii
Comoros / Fedora Corpse Records
mike skippershe don't wear bootslive at the hotel utah /
dollfacethougts on being in cageslive at the utah /
regimental band of the black watchfanfare for a dignified occasionhighland pageantry /
AmiraMehmeda Majka Budila
Zumra / World Village
Misner SpaceSide BExploded Sad Star Spirit / Rotifer Cassettes
Sun RaTheme Of The Star Gazers
College Tour Vol. 1 / Esp-Disk
Hobo CubesMisero
Hobo Cubes/Aradia Split Cassette / Hobo Cult
Desertificati / Le Arti Malandrine
KyronWitness 1
Union / Black Note Music
Svarte GrenierB3Penpals Forever / digitalis industries
bj nilsen & stillupstepya1.2space finale / editions mego
swiss mountain musicrolled coins and alphorn
aufgehobenside ablack 7" /
the geeseside bthe geese / roll over rover
frankie lanei believe
chuck personside bchuck person's ecco jams volume 1 / curatorial club