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Thu Aug 26, 2010 midnight - 2am 
Jean-Michel JarreEthnicolorZoolook / Dreyfus
BitcrushDream Unto Fathoms
Of Embers / N5MD
ariel pink's haunted graffitia tomb all of your ownff --> / cooler cat records
Future IslandsWalking Through That Door
In Evening Air / Thrill Jockey Records
Cobalt CranesPicture In The Snow
In Media Rez / Anticc Records
Drunk Elk4 - death disco
S/T Cassette / Inverted Crux
Nice FaceHard Time
Immer Etwas / Sacred Bones Records
Froe CharThe Arsonist
A New Swan's Death / Free Loving Anarchists
pink playgroundcan i touch you pink dream / free loving anarchists

------0100------ /

SwervedriverLead Me Where You Dare...Raise / (Unknown)
SwellLike Poverty
Everybody Wants to Know / Beggars Banquet
EchodroneHere We Are
Echodrone / Isomer Records
ridebeneathvapour trail / sire / reprise
Serena-ManeeshMelody For Jaana
S-M2: Abyss In B Minor / 4AD
HammockThe Backward Step
Chasing After Shadows... Living With The Ghosts / Redeye Records
SlowdiveSouvlaki Space StationSouvlaki / Creation Records
SwirliesSarah HittingWhat to Do About Them / Taang! Records (East Cst)
My Bloody ValentineStrawberry Wine: Never Say Goodbye
Things Left Behind... / Independent Music
James FerraroAngels Of The Night
On Air / Muscleworks Inc.
Hobo CubesEsternal Futurist
Hobo Cubes/Aradia Split Cassette / Hobo Cult
sacred spacewarm boozesacred space cassette / free loving anarchists
Panauromni / Innova Recordings
Expo 70Outside InAnimism / Kill Shaman
David LeikamNightworm (Eichbaum Syndrome)Volume One: Solo & Eichbaum Syndrome (1988-2001) / Dbcl Recordings