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Wed Jul 21, 2010 9am - noon 
RwakeOf Grievous Abominations
Voices Of Omens / Relapse Records
YobThe Mental Tyrant
Unreal Never Lived, The / Metal Blade
ScumThe Perfect Mistake
Gospels For The Sick / Candlelight Usa
Sangre AmadoBestial Virgins
Ancient Bitch / Shaxul
SarosThe Sky Will End Soon
Acrid Plains / Profound Lore
XibalbaAs Leafs They Fall
Demo 2010 / Nuclear War Now!
BathoryBlood and SoilRequiem / Black Mark (Canada)
Satanic SlaughterLegion of HadesDawn of Darkness: the Early Ye / Necropolis Records
SamaelMacabre OperettaBlood Ritual / Century Media
sadusariseswallowed in black / rc
Sad Boy SinisterS.B.S.
Life And Death / Bomb Blast
Yellow MachinegunIron WomanSpot Remover / Howling Bull America
qorinsutered eyeunknown / unknown
Dark AngelAct of ContritionDecade of Chaos / (Unknown)
SkeletonwitchSubmit To The SufferingBreathing The Fire / Prosthetic Records
HiraxBaptized By FireRaging Thrash Split / Deep Six Records
Municipal WasteBlack Ice
Hazardous Mutation / Earache
Toxic HolocaustEndless Armageddon
An Overdose Of Death... / Relapse Records
ViolatorFuturephobiaRaging Thrash Split / Deep Six Records
ChildrenTime Is The Living
Hard Times Hanging At The End Of The World / Kemado Records
Church Of MiseryRoad To Ruin (Charles Whitman)
Early Works Compilation / Emetic