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Wed Jun 23, 2010 9am - noon 
dorsal atlanticatake timeunknown / unknown
CruciamentumDeathless Ascension
Convocation Of Crawling Chaos / Self Release
korzustruthunknown / un
ExodusWar Is My Sheppard
Tempo of the Damned / Nuclear Blast
Dark AngelLeave ScarsDecade of Chaos / (Unknown)
sarcofagomidnight queenunknown / unknown
holocaustodestruicao nuclearunknown / unknown
DestructionMortal RemainsMetal Discharge / Nuclear Blast
From Ashes RiseLife and DeathTour 7" / Partners in Crime
From Ashes RiseFlagsTour 7" / Partners in Crime
VastumMaster's Mark
Corpus / Self Release
Kowloon Walled CityMore Like The Shit Factory
Gambling On The Richter Scale / Wordclock
Ironbound / E1 Music
KreatorPeople of the Lie
Live Kreation / Spv Gmbh
SlayerFictional RealityDivine Intervention / American (Metal)
SodomMinejumperM-16 / Steamhammer
TriptykonThe Prolonging
Eparistera Daimones / Century Media
masacrewl hechicerounknown / unknown
arsenallo adversounknown / unknown
HateworkGateway to Hell
Thrash 'n' Roll / Beer City
Jungle RotFace Down
Fueled By Hate / Olympic Recordings
Church Of MiseryPlainfield (Ed Gein)
Early Works Compilation / Emetic
GorefestState of MindEindhoven Insanity / Nuclear Blast America
Vio-LenceI ProfitOppressing the Masses / Megaforce Worldwide
VoivodPanoramaAngel Rat / (Unknown)
RamessesIron Crow
Take The Curse / Ritual Productions
KerasphorusThe Abyssal Sanhedrin
Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn / Nuclear War Now!
Iggy And The StoogesSearch And Destroy
Raw Power - Legacy Edition / Sony Music