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Sat Feb 27, 2010 10pm - midnight 
Man or Astroman?Transmissions From UranusLive Transmissions From Uranus / Homo Habilis Records
MermenApo CalypsoIn God We Trust / Kma Records
the VipersMedicationOutta The Nest! / Cavestomp!
Bear In HeavenDeafening Love
Beast Rest Forth Mouth / Hometapes
Lost SoundsI Get Nervous
Lost Sounds / In the Red Records
Lunch With BeardoThe Third Official Communication From The Planet Lunch; Space Is The Plate
Surrealistic Picnic / Fdh Records
Gary WilsonLonelinesYou Think You Know Me / Motel Records
Cooking With Wolves / Digitalis Industries
john trubee and the ungly janitors of americaside 2communists are coming to kill us! / enigma
Soft TagsThe Pine Barrens
Mathematical Monsters / This-A-Way Records
new model armythe huntthe ghost of cain / capitol
nerw orderlove vigilanteslow-life / qwest
joe buckbitter is the daynone / none
Katherine YoungPatricia Highsmith
Further Secret Origins / Porter Records
Mad SinPsyclops Carnival20 Years In Sin Sin / Hep-Cat Records
Impediments / Happy Parts Recordings
the New Bomb TurksWho's Afraid of Virginia WooDrunk on Cock / Engine Recordings
Zeke302 Cubic Inch V-8 Powered BSuper Sound Racing / Ifa Records
the DwarvesBetter Be WomenCome Clean / Epitaph Records
TurbonegroWhat Is Rock!?
Retox / Cooking Vinyl America