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Sat Feb 27, 2010 7pm - 10pm 
Ages of TaurusUnto The Hour of the Dead/Unborn DestroyerAge of Taurus / self released
CandlemassUnder the OakTales of Creation / Metal Blade
Spirit CaravanBlack FlowerElusive Truth / Tolotta
ShrinebuilderThe Architect
Shrinebuilder / Neurot Recordings

Lou RoneCrazy Nicky Waves
Guitar Slinger / Gulcher Records
TurnbucklesSuper DestroyerCOLL: Killed By Death #8 1/2 / Redrum
Rancid VatRulebreakers Rule
Vs. The Rest Of The World / Steel Cage Records
AntiseenSabuBoys From Brutalsville, the / Tko Records
RandyCheaterCheater / G7 Welcoming Committee
Black BreathRazor To OblivionRazor To Oblivion / Southern Lord Recordings

Super DestroyerPromo response Paul OrndorffGeorgia Championship Wrestling, October 3, 1982 / Dalegrow
Brats (aka: Mercyful Fate)Night Riders18th January 1981 (boot) / None
GoatwhoreApocalyptic HavocCarving Out The Eyes Of God / Metal Blade
ShacklesConverted To EvilCoup de Grace / Kneel Before The Master's Throne
The Beast Of The ApocalypseThe Hypothasis Of The ArchonsA Voice From The Horns Of The Golden Altar / Transcendental Creation

BlasphemyWinds Of The Black Godz (Intro)Fallen Angel Of Doom / Wild Rags
BlasphemyFallen Angel Of DoomFallen Angel Of Doom / Wild Rags
SacrofagoDeathrashI.N.R.I. / Congemelo
TruppensturmBlack Funeral PyreFields of Devastation / Van

DismemberDismemberedCOLL: Swedish Death Metal / Index
UnleashedMedia WhoreWarrior / Century Media
AsgardTo a Golden AgeTo a Golden Age / Morbid Metal
AsphyxCrush the CenotaphCrush the Cenotaph / Century Media
RepulsionMaggots in Your CoffinHorrified / Relapse Records

LugubrumMovement I : Opwaartse Hond
De Ware Hond / Old Grey Hair
Landmine MarathonBled To Oblivion
Rusted Eyes Awake / Prosthetic Records
MurderessMurder In Mind
Murderess / Tomorrow Belongs To Us
Lightning BoltTransmissionary
Earthly Delights / Load Records

Kk RampageRaw But All Mother
Special Friends / Rampage Recordings
ImpedimentsVagina Envy
Impediments / Happy Parts Recordings
U.P.S.Three Headed Puppy
25th Anniversary Special Box Set / Self
The Corporate WhoresBoot Camp
Voodoo Economics / Disillusion Music

DepressorThe FightCOLL: Split with Unholy Grave / Nuclear BBQ
SleepCatatonicVolume One / Very Small Records