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Fri Jan 22, 2010 midnight - 6am 
FURTunnels- / -
MindflayerA Worm Is Coming
Its Always 1999 / Load Records
MindflayerSwallowed By the Earth
Take Your Skin Off / Bulb Records
Metalux & John WeiseExoteric Seven
Exoteric / Load Records
Hair PoliceDan Ape
Blow Out Your Blood / Freedom From
Thurston MoorePlease Just Leave Me (My PauPlease Just Leave Me (My Paul / Pure
Haters,TheCultivating CalamitiesCultivating Calamaty / Vinyl Communications
the HatersMangle WhackOrdinarily Nowhere / Rrrecords
AubeElementary ParticlePurification to Numbness / Pure
Oren AmbarchiCorkscrew
Grapes From the Estate / Touch
CoilAmethyst DeceiversEskaton 16 / World Serpent Dist.
Oren AmbarchiCymbal Motors
Sacte Motors / Western Vinyl
ForcefieldShmoos Bass Slow
Roggaboggas / Load Records
Oren AmbarchiTriste Part 2 (Remake)
Triste / Southern Lord Recordings
Helmut LachenmannGrido
Streichquartette / Kairos
Noah CreshevskyOnce
To Know And Not To Know / Tzadik Records
Jean-Michel JarreOXYGENE1Oxygene / Polydor
Milky Ways / Versatile Records
the Black Heart ProcessionOutside the Glass2 / Touch and Go
Silver ApplesFantasiesSilver Apples / Mca Records
Silver ApplesI Have Known LoveBeacon / Whirlybird Records
CoilAmethyst DeceiversLive One / World Serpent Dist.
Tickley FeatherFor RentMy Estrogeneration Compilation 2009: Not Not Fun / (No Label Information)
the Black Heart ProcessionWaterfront (The Sinking Road)Three / Touch and Go
the BassturdWatching Scotty Die
Bangler, the / Four States Fair Record
KibaDobro Ti Jutro Zagrebe Zelim
Bluz Sansona / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Amber AsylumBitter River
Bitter River / Profound Lore
Death in JuneRdeath Is the Martyr of BeauSomething Is Coming / New European Recordings
Michael Morecock & The Deep FixEntropy Tango
Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions, The / Noh Poetry Records
BoredomsAnt 10 Original
Super Roots 10 / Thrill Jockey Records
Jarboe & Justin K BroadrickRomp
J2 / The End Records
TrickeMudar Glas
Otkud Tebi Slovo B / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Times New VikingHalf Day In Hell
Born Again Revisited / Matador Records
the Moldy PeachesWho's Got the Crack
Moldy Peaches, the / Rough Trade
Fu ManchuGodzillaEatin' Dust / Man's Ruin Records
MonotonixOn The Road
Body Language / Drag City
The Magik MarkersState Numbers
Balf Quarry / Drag City
Portland Cello ProjectTurkish Wine
Thao And Justin Power Sessions, The / Kill Rock Stars
Monroe GoldenSection 16
Alabama Places / Innova Recordings
Knowfi / Gigante Sound
LoachfilletOrigins Of The Two Headed Spitting Cobra
Electric Pond: Solar Solution / Resipiscent
George KoreinGleaming Corpse I
Another Corpse / Majmua Music
Lowell BramsShort Circadian Partita
Music For Insomnia / Asthmatic Kitty Records
Monopoly Child Star SearchersUntitled A
Prince Of Parrot Shooters / Pacific City Studios
Sleeping MeThe Rattle In Our Throats
Cradlesongs / Hidden Shoal

Burning Star CoreThe Universe Is Designed To Break Your Mind
Blood Lighting / No Fun Productions
Ritualistic School Of ErrorsFanfare: Wobbling Turn, Fine Physique
Sweat Stained Fancy Heaps For First-Rate Ladies / Resipiscent
Drum Machine Gun / Relapse Records
SimulacraSentence Fragment
Simulacra / Evander Music
NeurosisA Season in the Sky
Eye of Every Storm, the / Neurot Recordings
Maker / Thrill Jockey Records
Daniel HiggsTrack 2
Plays The Mirror Apocalypse / Self