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Wed Jan 13, 2010 10pm - midnight 
Killers KissNeither
Killers Kiss / Hook or Crook
Lowell BramsA Cross Section Of Clown Mountain
Music For Insomnia / Asthmatic Kitty Records
Ralph White & The Horaflora Sound SystemWildflower Face, Insect Eyes
White, Ralph & The Horaflora Sound System / Resipiscent
IotI Love You A Lot Really Child
Love Songs / Forty-Seven Records
Etienne JaumetFor Falling Asleep
Night Music / Versatile Records
Wallace SifeIntroSelf-Liberation From Test Anxi / Folkways Records
SynchronomeModeratoMetronome on a Disc, the / Gnome Records
Dutch Barrel OrganEinzugmarsch From "Gipsy Baron"De Grote De Vreese / Mace
Ugly Husbands & Old SoftyTrack 3
Salmon Changed Evening / Roll Over Rover
West Indian Folksongs for ChilSee See Oh!West Indian Folksongs for Chil / Folkways Records
John ZornHockey (Second Version)Pool/Hockey / None
Wallace SifeExercises and RecallSelf-Liberation From Test Anxi / Folkways Records
Morton SubotnickSilver Apples of the MoonEarly Modulations / Caipirinha Music
EvangelistaThe Slayer
Prince Of Truth / Constellation Records
GoblinWampr (Finale)
Goblin Collection 1979-1989, The / Drg
Mathews, Max V.Bicycle Built for TwoHistorical Cd of Digit / Wergo
Jonathan NortonVicissitudesComputer Music@Ccrma 1 / Ccrma
Wallace SifeGuided Meditative ExercisesSelf-Liberation From Test Anxi / Folkways Records
ErocEin Unhiflicher Anfang
Eroc 2 / Spv Gmbh
Shanks And The DreamersTweeds
A Day Late / Self
HarmoniaDeluxe (Immer Wieder)
Deluxe / Spv Gmbh

GoblinProfoundo Rosso (Main Title)
Goblin Collection 1979-1989, The / Drg
Slasher Risk/5
Slasher Risk / Obsolete Units
Frank RothkammBeehive -Or- Focal Point Of Masonic Meditation
Lax / Rothkamm Music
David RothenbergThe Killer
Whale Music / Terra Nova Records
Steno-O-Disc9 Minutes at 70 WpmActual Business Letters #502 / Steno-Disc Records
Oneohtrix Point NeverTrack 3
Zones Without People / Arbor Records
FatagagaDark Meditation
Celebration Of The Chameleon, The / Satori Hype Records
Pink AnvilDesert
Halloween Party / Ipecac Records
Radio Promo Of Select Tracks / None
PloneOn My BusFor Beginner Piano / Matador Records
FrussAt Ease
Submit For Alteration / None
Steno-O-Disc9 Minutes at 90 WpmActual Business Letters #502 / Steno-Disc Records
Plotkin, James, & Spybey, MarkVord LaeA Peripheral Blur / Kranky
Adam PearsonGenghis Khan and the Great Mongol EmpireFSmithA / self
Katt HernandezThe Floating Room
Long Awaited Etcetera, the / Recorded
Arna BontempsNew Orleans: the Zulu KingAnthology of Negro Poetry Forc / Folkways Records
Scott WalkerDarkness
Plague Songs / 4AD
Van's Peppy SyncopatorsKen PoNo Music Festival / E.K. (Entartete Kunst)
The LicketsSecond Sight Procession
They Turned Our Desert Into Fire / International Corporation