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Sat Dec 19, 2009 6pm - 9pm 
the Open MindMagic PotionNuggets 2: Disk 3 / Rhino Records
High TideNowhereSea Shanties / Sundazed
ScorpionsThey Need A MillionFly To The Rainbow / Rca Records (Original Vinyl)
Amon Duul IiKanaanPhallus Dei / Sunset-Mortimer House
Far East Family BandMystery Of Northern Space
Nipponjin / Phoenix

Mournful CongregationLeft Unspoken
Four Burials / Battle Kommand
DisembowelmentExcoriateTranscendence Into the Periphe / Relapse Records
Hunter's MoonA Light In The Abyss
Serpent's Lust, The / Hells Headbangers
MardukTo Redirect Perdition
Wormwood / Regain Records

CrucifistPutrid Mother Lode
Demon Haunted World / Profound Lore
BlüdwülfSlave of the NightCryptic Revelations / Charged
the AccusedPounding Nails (Into The Lid)Grinning Like An Undertaker / Nastymix Records
Der WarsteinerBlack Box AbsorbsCOLL: Split with Necromessiah / Crush Until Madness
DarkthroneWitch Ghetto
Dark Thrones And Black Flags / Peaceville Records
Violent ForceViolent ForceMalevolent Assault of Tomorrow / Roadrunner

Death Walks At Midnight - Trailer1970's trailerLuciano Ercoli's / YouTube
Nuit NoireFaeire PunkCOLL: split with His Electro Blue Voice / Quovadis
Zoldier NoizSchizoid RejectSchizoid Reject / Overstage Imperator
Ivan KoloffPromo for Cincinatti - 'Rassling CardNWA on TBS 1986 / Crockett Promotions
MotorheadIron FistBetter Motorhead Than Dead - Live At Hammersmith / Steamhammer

The Dream Is DeadBurn In Hell (Twisted Sister Cover)
Dream Is Dead/The Gates Of Slumber , The / Relapse Records
Rise And FallBuilt On Graves
Our Circle Is Vicious / Deathwish, Inc.
Bloodhook / Self
BoycotWhy Should You Use Words If You Can Use Force
Youth Against Police Brutality / Deifer
Dying FetusHomicidal Retribution
War Of Attrition / Relapse Records
Ravaging The Pristine / Emetic

The Gates Of SlumberChaos Calling
Hymns Of Blood And Thunder / Metal Blade
Colt TurkeyPutting Society On Cold TurkeyChristmas Sucks / Crucial Response Records
AbruptWhat's To Come
Abrupt / Inspired By Angst
Sista SekudenFlock
Sista Försvarslinjen / Instigate

PUZZLE (1974) - TrailerDuccio Tessar (director) "You've Got To Remember, Ted!"YT clip / xploitedcinema
UrfaustDer EinsidlerIX: Der Einsidler / Van
Red Rings of Fear TrailerWho Killed Angelo Russo?1978 giallo / rarevideosUK on YouTube
NecriteAbandoning The Soul
Abandoning The Soul / Self Release

Camerata MediolaneseIl Trionfo di Bacco e AriannaCOLL: Looking For Europe - The Neo-Folk Collection / Auerbach Tonrager
LaibachAcross The UniverseLet It Be / Mute Records
StormfågelPessimismDen Nalkande Stormen / Cold Meat Industry
Of The Wand And The MoonNaer Skog Naer FjollumLucifer / Euphonious
In The NurserySesudientL'esprit / WaxTrax!
[coll]: Doctor Death's Vol 4Controlled Bleeding - The TurningDoctor Death's Vol 4 / C'est La Mort
In The NurseryAzure WingsL'esprit / WaxTrax!

Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky / Tee Pee Records

the UpCome onMotor City's Burnin' / Alive Records
StikkyCoffee AchieversBeautiful Happiness / Shigaku Limited
The PagansEyes of Satan (by request)The Godlike Power of the Pagans / Treehouse
the New Bomb TurksGrounded Ex-PatriotDrunk on Cock / Engine Recordings
CowsWhitey In the WoodpileEffete And Impudent Snobs / Amphetamine Reptile
Cosmic PsychosDo It to MeBlokes You Can Trust / Amphetamine Reptile

Black Christmas (1974) Full Trailer/Silent Night, Deadly Night trailerDrGregoryHouseITYouTube / Creeping in the Darkness
Dow Jones & The IndustrialsCan't Stand the MidwestCOLL: Bloodstains Across The Midwest / Redrum
PailheadDon't Stand In LineTrait EP / WaxTrax!
C.O.C.Loss For WordsAnimosity / Death
CrumbsuckersJust Sit There/TrappedLife of Dreams / Combatcore
D.R.I.Stupid, Stupid WarDealing with It / Metal Blade
AnarchusFatality of Human FateMonastery/Anarchus / Slap a Ham

AcceptHelldriverAccept (1st LP 1980) / Brain/Polydor
QueensrycheNightriderQueensryche (1983 EP) / EMI
Metal ChurchLine Of Death (For Mo' Khadaffi)The Dark / Elektra/Atlantic
Khadaffi lures Italian women to Islam?Al -Jazzera report 17 Nov 09 "Hey, ladies tactics" Cheesy, even for a dictator / YouTube

The Gates Of SlumberTo Walk The Night (Samhain Cover)
Dream Is Dead/The Gates Of Slumber , The / Relapse Records
Ares KingdomFirestorm RedemptionFirestorm Redemption EP / Nuclear War Now!
NecrophobicDie By the SwordSpawned By Evil / Black Mark (Canada)
NecromantiaShamanAncient Pride / Osmose Productions
EarthrideFighting The Devils Inside You
Vampire Circus / Southern Lord Recordings

Telly SavalasYou're A LadyTelly / MCA Records
GongFloating Anarchy Zero/Stone Innoc Frankenstein/New Age Transformation/Live Floating Anarchy 1977 / Charly
Klaus SchulzeStardancer IIBody Love -1977 / Island/Virgin