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Wed Dec 16, 2009 9am - noon 
Woody GuthrieGoing Down The RoadMy Dusty Road / Rounder Records
Chip TaylorGin Rummy RulesYonkers N.Y. / Train Wreck Records
The CowlicksCow-AbungaHey Hey We're The Cowlicks / Tres Payasos Records
Pop DefectSquaresvilleLive at Big Bear / Flipside Records
Pop LeviMournin' Light
Blue Honey / Counter Records
Led ZeppelinDazed And ConfusedBbc Sessions / Atlantic Records (Modern)
iggy popwild americaamerican ceasar / capital records
Black FlagThe Crazy GirlIn My Head / Sst Records/New Alliance
Pop-O-PiesIndustrial Rap
Pop-O-Anthology / Self Release
Bullets InReelingTrashed And Burned / Adagio 830
108Angel Strike Man
108 / Deathwish, Inc.
LordsDamnation Of Memory
Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers / Metal Blade
Annihilation TimeFeel It
Cosmic Unconciousness / Tankcrimes
Lunachicks2 Bad 4 UBinge and Purge / Safe House
EpicureanHypnotic Descent
V.Ii R.Vi / Jcm Records
EpidemicSilent TortureTruth of What Will Be, the / (Unknown)
DisembowelmentThe Tree of Life and DeathTranscendence Into the Periphe / Relapse Records
WalkenWe've Lost Our Little ChanceWe've Lost Our Little Chance / Omerta Recordings
SkinlabPromisedBound, Gagged and Blindfolded / Century Media
Death AngelSpirit
Art of Dying, the / Nuclear Blast
Population ReductionPhoenix Program Revisited
Each Birth A New Disaster / Tankcrimes
MayhemFuneral FogDe Mysteriis Dom Sathanas / Century Media
The Gates Of SlumberTo Walk The Night (Samhain Cover)
Dream Is Dead/The Gates Of Slumber , The / Relapse Records
ImmortalThe Rise Of Darkness
All Shall Fall / Nuclear Blast America
Porch GhoulsA Knife to Cut the CornbreadRaising a Ruckus / Columbia Records (College
Do Make Say ThinkMake
Other Truths / Constellation Records
AbruptWhat's To Come
Abrupt / Inspired By Angst
BaronessSteel That Sleeps The Eye
Blue Record / Relapse Records
Nosaj ThingQuest
Drift / Alpha Pup Records
CableJim's Dream
Failed Convict, The / The End Records
CrucifistPutrid Mother Lode
Demon Haunted World / Profound Lore
World Painted Blood / American (Modern)
BloodhookPick A Side (We're At War)
Bloodhook / Self
Lullabye ArkestraSurviving The Year Of Wolves
Threats/Worship / Vice Music Inc
The PopeNudity In Sports
Sports / Wantage Records
SubstantialResurrection Of The House PartySacrifice / Unlimited Vinyl Ink