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Thu Dec 10, 2009 midnight - 7am 
Maleficia / Isounderscore
benny belleverybody likes my fannyshaving cream / vanguard
fabio orsi and the north seathe north sea remixes fabio orsifar and wide / digitalis
the original cast of the fantastiksplant a radishthe fantastiks / kgm
nelson riddlelisbon antigualisbon antigua 7" / capitol
Kraig GradySept11
Corralcomp 2005 / Anarchy Moon
mga awit at tuong ngbanwa ko (tipanu)"puerto preincesa" / ?
EvangelistaTremble Dragonfly
Prince Of Truth / Constellation Records
al martinotornathe italian voice of al martino / capitol
King Kong Ding DongCrisis Cycle
Youth Culture Index / Self
Nessie & Her BeardHer Highness
Antigue Y Barbuda / Self
clear spotsmonothe clear spots cassette / none
A Sunny Day In GlasgowMagna For Annie, Josh, And Robin
Ashes Grammar / Mis Ojos Discos
A Sunny Day In GlasgowSlaughter Killing Carnage (The Meaninng Of Words)
Ashes Grammar / Mis Ojos Discos
inca orenatural high (keeing it up)my estrogeneration / not not fun
Long HairPliny's Opinion
An Ever-Open Door Ep / Forty-Seven Records
MoodringScared Of Ferret
Scared Of Ferret / Silber Records
Beak>I Know
Beak> / Ipecac Records
Neon IndianLaughing Gas
Psychic Chasms / Lefse Records
BibioJealous Of Roses
Ambivalence Avenue / Warp Records
chicks on speedwordy rappinghood & themechicks on speed cassette /
hudson mohawkegluetoothbutter / warp

------0100------ /

Rafael BromAmerica Will Never Die
Refugee From Socialism / Self
the stylisticsyou're a big girl now (mangled, warped, wrong speed)you're a big girl now 7" / avco emba
Dolphins Into The FutureTrack 2
On Sea Fairing Isolation / Not Not Fun
Voice Of EyeTranformational Birth
Seven Directions Divergent / Conundrum Unlimited
Black DiceIdiots Pasture
Repo / Paw Tracks
don mikrut"how to make america strong & wealthy 1 person at a time""how to make america strong & wealthy 1 person at a time" cassette / abp inc.
Fela KutiZombie
Best Of The Black President, The / Knitting Factory, the
sun arawheavy deedsheavy deeds / not not fun
I Love YouSorry I Drank Your Soda
Bell Ord Forrest / Joyful Noise Records
SunsetGold Dissolves To Gray
Gold Dissolves To Gray / Autobus Records
Bird NamesDefined Stijls
Sings The Browns / Upset! The Rhythm
the Fiery FurnacesTwo Fat Feet
Gallowsbird's Bark / Rough Trade Records
ducktailsfriendsducktails lp / not not fun
alphabetsside balphabets c60 / digitalis

------0200------ / ---

True WidowDuelist
True Widow / End Sounds
My Bloody Valentine(When You Wake) You're Stil In A DreamIsn't Anything / Creation Records Limited
Amusement Parks On FireIn Our EyesYoung Fight Ep / Filter Records
pinkshinyultrablastdeerlandhappy songs for happy zombies /
Oneohtrix Point NeverTrack 7
Zones Without People / Arbor Records
SavioursSlave To The Hex
Accelerated Living / Kemado Records
The Gates Of SlumberChaos Calling
Hymns Of Blood And Thunder / Metal Blade
black sabbathfairies wear bootsparanoid /
NovalisImpressionen (Nach Themen Der 5. Symphonie Von Anton Bruckner)
Novalis / Spv Gmbh
caverequiem for john sexpsychic psummer / important records
cavemachines & musclespsychic psummer / important records

------0300------ /

GoblinSuspiria (Main Title)
Goblin Collection 1979-1989, The / Drg
Northern ValentineDimanche
Distance Brings Us Closer, The / Silber Records
carl reiner & mel brooksthe astronaught2000 years with carl reiner and mel brooks / capitol
the charm of the music boxmusic box jamsthe charm of the oldm usic box / hacker music box corporation
The Legendary Stardust CowboyFly Me To The Moon
Paralyzed!! His Vintage Recordings, 68-81 / Self
father soundside belastic underwater cave diver microcassette / gift tapes
Ugly Husbands & Old SoftyTrack 3
Salmon Changed Evening / Roll Over Rover
The LicketsSecond Sight Procession
They Turned Our Desert Into Fire / International Corporation
ernieimaginationthe best of ernie / sesame street
sean mccannmeaningless desirephylum sigh / dnt records
misttalking the mistmist lp / amethyst sunset
matt carsonstereo facestereo face / gift tapes
Oren AmbarchiBleeding Shadow
Destinationless Desire / Touch 7
island's eyelid'seyelands i side aeyeland i / roll over rover

-----0400------ /

Maleficia / Isounderscore
Pdx Bike EnsembleNov5
Corralcomp 2005 / Anarchy Moon
MuslimgauzeSaladin MercyGun Aramaic / Soleilmoon Recordings
locrianexhuming the carnivalburying the carnival/exhuming the carnival c38 / not on label
Knowfi / Gigante Sound
al qaedaside bbetween the devil and the deep blue sea / myasis tapes
viosacPlace My Imperfections In A Vice And Press Them Into An Irony
You Are Plannig To Enjoy The Apocalypse / Self
expo 70black pyramids under the martian suncorridors to infinity / sonic meditations
xelathe long walk home at midnightfor frosty mornings and summer nights / neo ouija
Jenkins, Alex Sound ImmersionContrivance
Generosity / Prescott Recordings

------0500------ /

Nat GrantTrack 3
Percussion / Self
dr. david levenson mdrelaxation taperelaxation cassette tape / medwood medical
david taggthe history of the merchant marinespillbox, album a / second sun recordings
peace featherside apluto / not on label
Gateway Evening ColoursGreen
Gateway Evening Colours / Mountain Landis Record Label
lotionvacuoles muove through sitting velcro deliriant side bvacuoles muove through sitting velcro deliriant cs / scumbag relations
xiphiidaespins aja (for voice)waning in archaic color sequence / vanishing hour revival
spiralsside bjosh burke/spirals split c90 / midori
joe montanaside bsifting spaces / digitalis

------0600----- /

NnckThe Doon
Qvaris / 5RC
Happy PrescriptionsDark Antenna
Fear Of Love / Self
NegativlandO.J. and His Personal TraineHappy Heroes / Seeland Records
lil benside bwell anyway / sonicx labs
tammy grimes reads edward goreythe gashlycrumb tinies
plasmic formationsside bthe high priest / myasis tapes
hevosettrack 5hevolset lp / dekorder
My Cat Is An Alien & Enore ZaffiriImprovisation #2
Through The Magnifying Glass Of Tomorrow / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Charles MingusSelf-Portrait In Three ColorsMingus Ah Um / Mingus Dynasty [50th Anniversary Legacy Edition] / Legacy Recordings
bj nilsen and stillupstepyaside a, end of itmilan saandblestiftr /
pink buffalosublimitless messagesublimitless message / scumbag relations
fletcher prattmind gunk volume 9mind gunk volume 9 / midori
Neon IndianEphermeral Artery
Psychic Chasms / Lefse Records