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Sat Dec 05, 2009 5pm - 7pm 
FlipperBe Good, Child!
Love / Mvd Audio
CableMen On Mountains
Failed Convict, The / The End Records
Sista SekudenSlagen Men Inte Besgrad
Sista Försvarslinjen / Instigate
KirousHaviaja Voittajiem Tukena
Youth Against Police Brutality / Deifer
SuppositoryFace The Facts
Youth Against Police Brutality / Deifer
Annihilation TimeAnnihilate
Cosmic Unconciousness / Tankcrimes

VlorTolerate The Wicked
Six-Winged / Silber Records
MardukSeven Angels, Seven Traumpet
Plague Angel / Candlelight Records
Of Entropy And Life Denial / Moribund Records
DissectionRetribution-Storm of the LieStorm of the Light's Bane / Nuclear Blast America
ImmortalArctic Swarm
All Shall Fall / Nuclear Blast America

Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt / Regain Records
CrucifistPutrid Mother Lode
Demon Haunted World / Profound Lore
Nasty SavageUnchained Angel1984 Demo / self release
Bone AwlYou're Late
Night's Middle / Nuclear War Now!
Witchkiller/Slayer radio ad4some Canadian 'banger / ????

Zodier NoizStraight Down To HellSchizoid Reject / Overstage Imperator
SwineMarked By The Baron
Marked By The Baron / Todestreib
DisembowelmentThe Spirits of the Tall HillTranscendence Into the Periphe / Relapse Records
The Gates Of SlumberBeneath The Eyes Of Mars
Hymns Of Blood And Thunder / Metal Blade

MardukNowhere No-One Nothing
Wormwood / Regain Records
BaronessA Horse Called Golgotha
Blue Record / Relapse Records
BloodhookThey Know Everything About You
Bloodhook / Self
Angel WitchGorgonAngel Witch / Road Racer

HammerheadJourney to the Center of TetInto the Vortex / Amphetamine Reptile
DoomridersHeavy Lies The Crown
Darkness Come Alive / Deathwish, Inc.
Little FyodorThat Was A Mistake
Peace Is Boring / Public Eyesore