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Sat Nov 07, 2009 midnight - 3am 
MayhemThe Vortex Void of Inhumanity / I Am Thy LabyrinthMayhem / Emperor 12" / DIY
Chad & JeremyA Summer SongRushmore (Original Soundtrack) / Polygram

Seeds, theUp In Her RoomA Web of Sound / GNP
Cambodian Rocks / Parallel World
George HarrisonDear OneThirty Three & 1/3 / Dark Horse

Yo La TengoMore Stars Than There Are In HeavenPopular Songs / Matador Records
Oen SujetColby and the DevilsLife Given to Quiet Places / Lo Recordings

Built To SpillLife's A Dream
There Is No Enemy / Warner Bros. Records
DeerhunterProvidence / Octet / Red InkDeerhunter / Kranky
BladestonerDear High ReigndeerBladestoner Cassette Rip / Black Cheeks
BladestonerThe Middles AgesBladestoner Cassette Rip / Black Cheeks
Lightning BoltAssassinsWonderful Rainbow / Load Records

SavioursEternal High
Accelerated Living / Kemado Records
MelvinsCharmicarmicatEggnog / Boner
BurmeseShut Your Mouth I Paid for the HourMen / Load

BattlehoochPlease DamoPiecechow / Self
Pope of YesSpringWiretap Music Presents: Covers /
Cambodian Rocks / Parallel World

La PlebeConquistaI Sing You Sing We All Sing for Icing / INcomplete Records
ComplaintsAct My AgeWanna Be Bored / Diy Release
Acid KingTeen Dusthead / Full ReverseAcid King / Altamont Split / Man's Ruin
Whiskey SundayJoe Q Citizen / Sweat FireballTo the Bitter End, Vol. 1 / Vinehell Records

The Flaming LipsSilver Trembling Hands
Embryonic / Warner Bros. Records

The RaveonettesHeart Of Stone
In And Out Of Control / Vice Music Inc
Who, theA Quick One While He's AwayRushmore (Original Soundtrack) / Polygram

Yo La TengoAnd The Glitter Is GonePopular Songs / Matador Records