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Wed Oct 28, 2009 9am - noon 
the ImpactsChurch KeyWipe Out! / Del-Fi Records
ImpalaIncident on the 10TH FloorKings of the Strip / Estrus Records
Deer TickBaltimore Blues No. 1
War Elephant / Partison Records
The Sweetback SistersI Want To Be A Real Cowboy GirlChicken Ain't Chicken / Signature Sounds
Boulder Acoustic SocietyUntil ThenPunchline / Nine Mile Records
MotorhomeRaw Deal
Untitled / Independent
PowersoloFertilizer Baby
It's Raceday... And Your Pussy Is Gut! / Crunchy Frog
Illgotten GainzOrpheus
Pet Goat, the / Burnt Ramen Records
Illusion of SafetyThermonuclear Holy WarDistraction / Odd Size Records
AkimboGreat White Bull
Jersey Shores / Neurot Recordings
Aurora / Metal Blade
Impulse ManslaughterBlanket of Fear
Live at Wfmu / Beer City
Raw PowerFight the ArmyToo Touch to Burn / Contempo Records Dist.
MangaUryan Geldim
Sehr-I Huzun / Grgdn Musik
Don The ReaderI Swallowed New Orleans
Humanesque / Deathcote
PowerhousePinheadWhat Lies Ahead / Resurrection Ad Records
ConvergeHanging Moon
You Fail Me / Epitaph Records
GriefWhen Rotten Ideas Break Free...And Man Will Become the Hun / Pessimiser Records
ImpietyAt War With Temujin
Dominator / Pulverized Records
ImpetigoWizard of GoreHorror of the Zombies / Wild Rags
Swingin UttersTroubadourSwingin Utters/Youth B / Byo Records
Swingin Utters'39Swingin Utters/Youth B / Byo Records
Fun BloodTrack 3Fun Blood / Self
the CriminalsMorning AfterNever Been Caught / Lookout Records
GhoulGhoul Hunter
Maniaxe / Razorback Records
ImpalerImminence of PunishmentCharnel Deity / Deaf Records
Impaled NazareneDelirium TremensLatex Cult / Osmose Productions
ImpaledMedical Waste
Death After Life / Century Media
Mark AyresTerminator 2: Judgement DayBrain In A Box: Disc 1 - Movie Themes / Rhino Records
Bone AwlMake For Yourself A Last Vision
Night's Middle / Nuclear War Now!
Richard O'brienThe Rocky Horror Picture ShowBrain In A Box: Disc 1 - Movie Themes / Rhino Records
AudiopainCobra Dance
Switch To Turn Off Mankind, The / Vendlus Records
CursedDead Air At The Pulpit
Three / Goodfellow Records
Anaal NathrakhMore Of Fire Than Blood
In The Constellation Of The Black Widow / Candlelight Usa
ImmolationInto Everlasting FireDawn of Possession / (Unknown)
CavityFucking Bozos Need TitlesOn the Lam / Hydra Head