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Wed Oct 14, 2009 midnight - 3am 
The Hot ToddiesJaguar LoveThe Hot Toddies / Self-Released
Yellow MachinegunScaryFather's Golden Fish / Rotten Orange

Evolove2012Evolove / Self-Released

DashboardDog Gone + Too Big ShirtsYouthful Backlash... / Stiffeen Records
CoquettishSuch a Foolish ManTotal Pops Madness / Asian Man Records
FruityJxJxRocky Colt and Tum Tum / Far Out Records
School JacketsWhere Can I Find a Good Stuff?Back To The Dance Floor / HG Fact
Nuts and MilkNight SolderRoot Down / Stiffeen Records
TwinkleGo Quickly, Go!Ep / Self-Released

WoodsThe DarkSongs of Shame / Captured Tracks
GirlsLauraAlbum / True Panther Sounds
Boston SpaceshipsLet It Rest For a Little WhileZero to 99 / GBV
Washed OutHold OutEP that just came out / can't remember check back
The BeetsWhat Did I Do?Spit in the face... / Captured Tracks
The Wooden BirdsThe Other OneMongolia / 4ad

The AssistantsStop Dead
Fiction / Self
YachtPsychic CitySee Mystery Lights / (No Label Information)
The CleanAre You Really On Drugs?
Mr. Pop / Merge Records
Leftover CutiesLost In The Sea
Game Called Life / Self
Ear PwrCats Is People, Too
Super Animal Brothers Iii / Carpark Records

Advantage LucySakuranboshoot forgot / blll check back
TotosHappy TurnEP / i'm so bad
Margaret's HopeSunny DaySunny Day / Self-Released
Three Berry Ice CreamThe World Begins To Move AgainApricot / Channel Pro

A Page of PunkGoodbye SunshineSplit w/ Four Tomorrow / ??
Sorry For A FrogLive Is!!Happy Songs for Fuckin' People / I Hate Smoke Records
First Of AllChange For NowDig Up Your Roots / Jungle Gym
Yellow GangMaximum AttackJunk Fuss Songs / I Hate Smoke Records
Short StoryRefrainSchool Youth Tribute / Too Smell Records
Chil Chil MichilMean and SmileDemo / Self-Released
Seventeen AgainNobody Knows My SongNever Wanna Be Seventeen Again / I Hate Smoke Records

A Smile and a RibbonA Little Late To Be PoliteThe Boy I Wish I'd Never Met / Shelflife Records
Free Loan InvestmentsBBCThe Last Dance EP / Magic Marker Records
Language of FlowersIf It's Not YouSongs about You / Shelflife Records
The SchoolAnd SuddenlySearching For The Now 6 / Slumberland Records
Black TambourineDrownComplete Recordings / Slumberland Records
Pearly GatecrashersI'm DreamingNew! Fluffy! Delicious! / ??

Starlight MintsCoffins "R" Us
Change Remains / Barsuk Records
Pissed JeansPleasure Race
King Of Jeans / Sub Pop Records
Fruit BatsSinging Joy To The World
Ruminant Band, The / Sub Pop Records
Amazing BabyBayonets
Rewild / Shangri-La Records
Jay ReatardFaking It
Watch Me Fall / Matador Records

8RoofOne Honest VoteYea! If You Can't Win / Snuffy Smile
Anti-JusticeBaggageFive Tindered Folklore? (gotta confirm that) / Squirrel Fox
BlottoToo Late To Sing This Song For MyselfRemember Buy The Vinyl First / Snuffy Smile
The UrchinMole Sings "Mole Song"Brand New Versus Equalizer / Self-Released
Sleep Like a LogBroken ScaleLobotomy EP / Self-Released

Wye OakMilk And HoneyKnot, The / Merge Records
Sugarplum FairiesSmileChinese Leftovers / Starfish Records
Jay ReatardHiding Hole
Matador Singles '08 / Matador Records
Elfin SaddleTemple Daughter
Ringing For The Begin Again / Constellation Records
God Help The GirlIf You Could SpeakGod Help The Girl / Matador Records

Corniche CamomileOnepiece Days + Chelsea WalkOnepiece Recording / Channel Pro
Melting HolidaysBiscuit In My PocketCherry Wine / Sucre
Naivepop or PetitfoolGoodbye TuesdayI Heart NP / abcdefg* records
Hazel Nuts Chocolateheeeezzzeeeeruu nuuuutssuuuu chioocooreeetoo desucute! / softly