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Sat Oct 10, 2009 noon - 3pm 
Fuck ButtonsOlympiansTarot Spirit /
Daniel MencheShafted Stingray
Scattered Remains: Early Rarities / Sol
KinkzoidSpeaking In Tongues
It Ain't Natural / Mook Records
James Ferraro90210
Clear / New Age Tapes No Cat

Prince Rama Of AyodhyaAeolian Divine
Devotional Demo / Self
Leary, Timothy, Ph.D.Psychochemical RevolutionTurn On, Tune In, Drop Out / Esp-Disk'
Aditi TahitiMinutes Of Shiva Chanting
Time Canvas, The / Majmua Music

Vulcanus 685d
2 / Gigante Sound
John StetchDallas
Tv Trio / Self Release
YachtThe AfterlifeSee Mystery Lights / (No Label Information)
Meow MeowAll I Ever Got
Snow, Gas, Bones / Devil in the Woods
The Sea And CakeCar Alarm
Car Alarm / Thrill Jockey Records
Starlight MintsParalyzed
Change Remains / Barsuk Records

Flying Saucer AttackTo the ShoreFurther / Drag City
Dave TaylorDagon IiBass Trombone / New World Records
Josephine FosterAuf Einerburg
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing / Locust Music
Mason LindahlHere Blows
Serrated Man Sound / Porter Records
The Dirty ProjectorsTwo DovesBitte Orca /

DufusLittle Bitta Reggae
1:3:1 / Independent
Foot VillageCrybabyAnti-Magic / Upset! The Rhythm
the Swingin' NeckbreakersLittle Pink MedicineLive for Buzz / Telstar Records
NeilMy White BicycleNeil's Heavy Concept Record / Wea (Warner/Elektra/Atlan
FlexionsOver Tanned
Leisure Time / None
ShantelCitizen Of Planet Paprika
Planet Paprika / Essay

Gal*In_Dog With Charlotte HugTlet (Part Viii)
Lift / Edgetone Records
FuntoWedding DayFreeman Loops / (Unknown)
Dream Into DustThe Lathe of HeavenLathe of Heaven, the / Chtonic Streams
Recycle Human Lung / Inam Records

Jon HopkinsLight Through The Veins
Insides / Domino
SonogramElevator DownPixels / Simulacra Records

Congress-Woman Malinda JacksonCousin Mosquito #2
Songs in the Key of Z / Gammon Records