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Sun Oct 04, 2009 5pm - 6pm 
Zzk Sound Vol. 2 / Nacional Records
Jay ReatardBefore I Was Caught
Watch Me Fall / Matador Records
HelvetiaSolarisHelvetia's Junk Shop / Self-Released
DeerhunterNothing Ever HappendMicrocastle / .
Burial / Four TetWolf CubMoth/Wolf Club / Hyperdub
Twilight Circus Dub Sound SystJah SteppaDub Plates Vol. 3 / M Records
MetricHelp I'm AliveFantasies / Metric Music International
Davis, On Ka’A With Famous Original Djuke Music PlayersVoodoo Ultralux
Seeds Of Djuke / Livewired Music
BurialSouth London BoroughsSouth London Boroughs 12" / Hyperdub
The Hold SteadyStay PositiveStay Positive / Vagrant
Broken Social SceneStars and SonsYou Forgot it in People / Arts and Crafts
MEDPushPush Comes to Shove / Stones Throw
Flying LotusBackpack CaviarDublab Presents: Echo Expansion / Porter Records
DimliteJose's ViewsDublab Presents: Echo Expansion / Porter Records
OntelSundialDublab Presents: Echo Expansion / Porter Records
Nosaj ThingIOIODrift / Alpha Pup
Flying LotusGng Bng
Los Angeles / Warp Records
Flying LotusBeginners Falafel
Los Angeles / Warp Records
QuasimotoGoodmorning SunshineUnseen, the / Stones Throw
Anju KumbzStand Up On Your Feet
Dub Mission's 13th Anniversary Compilation / Self