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Fri Sep 18, 2009 midnight - 3am 
Sunset RubdownSilver MoonDragonslayer / Jagjaguwar
Sugarplum FairiesChinese LeftoversChinese Leftovers / Starfish Records

Sleep Your ExcellenceA Wind
Sleep Your Excellence / Self Release
ArchwaysModern Myth
Lest We Forget / (No Label Information)

Ducktails11Durktails Cassette & Vinyl Rips / Future Sound Recordings
The HorrorsSea Within A Sea
Primary Colours / Xl Recordings
NovellerBrilliant Colors
Red Rainbows / No Fun Productions
O'neil, Tara JanePearl Into Sand
A Ways Away / Krecs
OlekranonBlack Sunday Brunch
Recycle Human Lung / Inam Records

CrocodilesHere Comes The Sky
Summer Of Hate / Fat Possum Records
Pink MountaintopsAnd I Thank You
Outside Love / Jagjaguwar
Bruno MontovaniStreets
Le Sette Chiese - Streets - Eclair De Lune / Kairos
John BeecherTo Live and Die in DixieTo Live and Die in Dixie / Broadside
the Black WatchHummingFlowering / Doctor Dream Records
BomRoachRoach / Spiffing

The Nether DawnStep Through The Night
Well Song / Porter Records
ABreck's ShoesA Day in Erie / Sqishee Records

Plastik JoyTwenty-Ninth Of April
3:03 / N5MD
Shanks And The Dreamers777
My Darling Dia / Self
Barn OwlDiamond CloudBridge to the Clouds /
Stars of the LidBefore Top Dead CenterMusic for Nitrous Oxide /
Vodka SoapUntitled A
Oceansion Island / Pacific City Studios
Frank Rothkamm1
Opus Spongebobicum / Flux
Frank Rothkamm2
Opus Spongebobicum / Flux
Frank Rothkamm3
Opus Spongebobicum / Flux
Frank Rothkamm4
Opus Spongebobicum / Flux
Frank Rothkamm5
Opus Spongebobicum / Flux

Slim Cessna's Auto ClubThis Land Is Our Land Redux
Cipher / Alternative Tentacles Records