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Sat Sep 05, 2009 6pm - 9pm 
Aurora / Metal Blade
Subarachnoid SpaceBurn Shot
Also Rising / Strange Attractors Audio
VoivodFrom The Cave
Infini / Relapse Records
CathedralHopkins (The Witchfinder GenCarnival Bizarre, the / Earache
GoatsnakeAB1 / Southern Lord

Artimus PyleGray Flannel SuitsFucked From Birth / Prank
Arson AnthemWrecked Like Clockwork
Arson Anthem / Housecore Records
Landmine MarathonCertain DeathRusted Eyes Awake / Prosthetic
CursedDead Air At The Pulpit
Three / Goodfellow Records
HevnDeal Death Terror1st 7" / Sjakk Matt Paleter
KylesaSaid And Done
Static Tensions / Prosthetic Records

Witch HuntBlind Eyes Blind Lives
Burning Bridges To Nowhere / Alternative Tentacles Records
Janitor JoeBoys in BlueBig Metal Bird / Amphetamine Reptile
Fun BloodTrack 2Fun Blood / Self
Happy FlowersStop Touching My FoodOof! / Homestead
Nux VomicaKaumahaAsleep In the Ashes / Aborted Society

ObituaryList Of Dead
Darkest Day / Candlelight Usa
AsphyxWasteland of Terror (Live)Crush the Cenotaph / Century Media
CrematoryChunks of FleshDenial / M.B.R. Records
Anaal NathrakhMore Of Fire Than Blood
In The Constellation Of The Black Widow / Candlelight Usa
BeheritDestroyer Of Thousand Worlds
Engram / Spinefarm

Lightning Swords Of DeathInvoke The Desolate One
Lightning Swords Of Death/Valdur - Split / Bloody Mountain
Funeral MistSun of HopeSalvation / Ajna/Nor
UrgehalGoatcraft Torment
Goatcraft Torment / Southern Lord Recordings

Morbid AngelAbominationsBlessed Are the Sick / Earache
AgallochAs Embers Dress The SkyFrom Which Of This Oak demos collection / Licht von Dammerung
AlcatrazzAnti Drunk Driving PSAWill You Be Home Tonight? / Capitol
Amesoeurs / Profound Lore

AcceptRun If You CanBreaker / CMC
SaxonPrincess Of The NightStrong Arm of The Law / Careere
Whores Of WarVagisil
Whores Of War / Self Release
Gone To CroatanBat
They / Eolian
Gone To CroatanSelf Portrait
They / Eolian

AcceptI'm A RebelI'm A Rebel / CMC
SamothraceAwkward Hearts
Life's Trade / 20 Buck Spin