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Sat Jun 27, 2009 6pm - 9pm 
YobQuantum Mystic
Unreal Never Lived, The / Metal Blade
SarosDevouring Conscience
Acrid Plains / Profound Lore
DeathTogether As OneHuman / Relativity (Metal)

Crossroad / Tumult
DarkthroneAs Flittermice As Satans SpTransilvanian Hunger / Peaceville Records
Vega / Atmf
SacramentumBlack DestinyFirestarter / Century Media

Agoraphobic NosebleedHung From The Rising Sun
Agorapocalypse / Relapse Records
Brutal TruthDaydreamer
Evolution Through Revolution / Relapse Records
Cryptic SlaughterInsanity By the NumbersSpeak Your Peace / (Unknown)
Bad Dirty HateNever Give Up!
Bad Dirty Hate / Irukandji
Bad Dirty HateIt's You (Over There)
Bad Dirty Hate / Irukandji
DeathYou're A Prisoner
For The Whole World To See / Drag City
InsertsDoctors WivesBloodstains Across Tes / Swedish Meathead Products
Alice CooperReturn of the SpidersEasy Action (1969) / Bizarre-Stiff

Lubricated GoatYou Remain Anonymous
Great Old Ones, the / Reptile Records
[coll]: A Fist Full of Rock'n'The Hookers - Ride The DragonA Fist Full of Rock'n' / Tee Pee Records
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!La Cueva
!!!Viven!!! / Slovenly Recordings
NadjaDead Skin Mask
When I See The Sun Always Shines On Tv / The End Records

Crystalized MovementsThere Is no Other PlaceThis Wideness Comes / No. 6
Outer SpacistI Talk With Telepathy Baby
Mind Is As Outer Space, The / I Talk With Telepathy Baby - Single / Columbus Discount Records
DarksideI Found LoveAll that Noise / Beggars Banquet

HabsyllI (17' 06")
Mmviii / Tumult

Cirith UngolDoomed PlanetOne Foot In Hell / Metal Blade/SPV
Slough FegHigh Season VAtavism / Cruz del Sur
Pentagram (US)Forever My Queen (1973 version)First Daze Here / Relapse

MiddianThe Celbrant
Age Eternal / Metal Blade
Blood TsunamiCastle Of Skulls
Grand Feast For Vultures / Candlelight Usa
Romantic GorillaI Love WrestlerSpazz/ Romantic Gorill / Sound Pollution/Mcr

Sunn O)))Aghartha
Monoliths And Dimensions / Southern Lord Recordings