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Sun Jun 21, 2009 midnight - 3am 
French MiamiGoddamn Best
French Miami / Diy Release
SchandeOut On You
I Scored An Ocean / Www.Myspace.Com/Schande
BattlehoochIrreconcilable DifferencesOof Owf / Republic Of Battlehooch
KinskiHiding Drugs in the Temple
Alpine Static / Sub Pop Records
Evil BeaverEnter BeaverLick It! / 4 Alarm
the CliftonsSex, Drugs & AlcoholSex, Drugs, & Alcohol / Super Speedway
Excuses for SkippingDecision to Be Normal
Excuses for Skipping / <No Label Info>
Room For A GhostNumber Two
3 Songs / Self
The MuslimsInside Job
Esopus 11: Advice / Esopus Foundation
Haunted GeorgeInvisiblePile O' Meat / Hook or Crook
Outer SpacistI Talk With Telepathy Baby
Mind Is As Outer Space, The / I Talk With Telepathy Baby - Single / Columbus Discount Records
Kyuss50 Million Year TripBlues for the Red Sun / Elektra Records (Local)
the Krontjong DevilsCasbahRomp Out! with the Krontjong D / Hillsdale Records
Harvey MilkSunshine, Good Times, & FineSunshine, Good Times, & Fine W / Reservation Records
PorestTom And His Wife
Mood Noose / Resipiscent

KylesaA 100 Degree Heat Index
No Ending / Prank
Icky BoyfriendsI'm not FascinatingEnd of Lust / Blackjack Records
ghost riderrideghost rider 7" / american frequency
god and texaslandslidelandslide 7" / love hammer records
Icky BoyfriendsSeal of ApprovalEnd of Lust / Blackjack Records
Foot Village3840 Ticks Of The Soul (Featuring Captain Ahab)
Fuck The Future 2 / Gilgongo Records
SharkbaitCar CrashCrushits / Primitech Releases
Katherine Hall & Elijah WoodMy Hands On
Deathbomb Arc Vol. 2, Part 2 / Death Bomb Arc
SavioursHoly Slaughter
Crucifire / Level Plane
Dizzy GillespieSwing Low Sweet CadillacDee Gee Days / Savoy Jazz

HavohejThe Black MistBlack Mist, the / Ax/Ction
Giant SquidGiant Squid
Giant Squid / Birdman Records
The Fun YearsFucking Milwaukee's Been Hesher Forever
Baby It's Cold Inside / Barge Recordings
SoftwarPsychich Shake
Softwar / (No Label Information)
SoftwarHagoo (The Victory Over Moods)
Softwar / (No Label Information)
SoftwarThe Softwar
Softwar / (No Label Information)
Sailor WintersThrearah
Parker Volumes 1 & 2 / Witch House Records (Dot Com)
Bardo PondWankAmanita / Matador Records
Effron, MarhallMusical MatineeThe Nutrino News Network, Abysmo, New Jersey / Polydor
Effron, MarhallThe HaircutTHe Nutrino News Network, Abysmo, New Jersey / Polydor
Moelman, JackChicago Blackhawks Organ
Name Is An Anagram, The / Imp Records
PyhaAfter The Aliens
Haunted House, The / Tumult

Dangerous Organ /
Bardo PondTwo PlanesDilate / Matador Records