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Fri Jun 19, 2009 3pm - 6pm 
Lehman, Steve OctetDub
Travail, Transformation, And Flow / Pi Recordings

Lehman, Steve OctetEchoes
Travail, Transformation, And Flow / Pi Recordings
Black, Jim/Alas No AxisInkionosHouseplant / Winter & Winter
St. VincentSave Me From What I Want
Actor / 4AD
The Bad PlusFém (Etude No. 8)
For All I Care / Heads Up International

Bloom ProjectShines
Sudden Aurora / Edgetone Records
Vijay IyerAge Of Everything
Tragicomic / Sunnyside Communications
FlotillaThree Mile JogDisaster Poetry / Mapl
Melford, Myra / Trio MFor Bradford
Big Picture / Cryptogramophone

Hal GalperConstellation
Art-Work / Origin Records

Matthew ShippQuivering With Speed
Piano Vortex / Thirsty Ear Communication
-- (4:00 p.m.) --
The DorfTrack 7
Dorf, The / Leo Records

Tina Marsh and CO2DervishWorldwide / Creop Muse
Marsh, Tina/Bob Rodriguez TrioRiddles
Out of Time / Creop Muse

The Fully CelebratedConotocarius
Drunk On The Blood Of The Holy Ones / Aum Fidelity
Pink Saliva9:04
Danse Avec Robert Duncan / Majmua Music
Bola SeteNao E Bem Assim
Windspell / Samba Moon Records
-- (5:00 p.m.) --
Hanuman SextetOn A Slippery Slope
9 Meals From Anarchy / Resonantmusic

GutbucketLucy Ferment?
A Modest Proposal / Cuneiform Records
HexloveCharachtar Frisebee
Muisic From The Film Es Noonar Covencha / Majmua Music
Radio I-ChingMisterioso
No Wave Au Go Go / Resonantmusic
Francois Carrier & Michel LambertClouds
Nada / Creative Sources Recordings

Bloom, Jane IraCagneyModern Drama / Cbs Records
Urs Leimgruber and Fritz HausPoint-Vigule [Part 4]
Duho / Unit Records

Uri CaineMr. B.C.Sphere Music / Jmt
Joshua RedmanInsomnomaniac
Compass / Nonesuch Records